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Giveaway Announcement

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The Resolution and Gradient Nail Art!



How is everyone this fine and dandy evening?

So like I promised - here is my resolutions for the promising year of 2013.

My top 5 Resolutions for 2013

I suppose the 1st resolution along with the 5th resolution matches pretty well - I mean kickboxing is after all a well formed way to exercise right?

Now to find out a good class to attend for kickboxing. Anyone know of any good places? 

Aside from that, yesterday I decided to get creative with my nail tools due to some inspiration on YouTube in regards to gradient nails - It's quite a messy art but I decided to take up the challenge and try it.

Here are some gorgeous pictures that got me inspired :

So lovely to look at ain't it? Reminded me a little of the Paddle-Pop Ice Cream though! Lol!

Paddle-Pop Ice Cream

Anyway coming back on to topic, I got so motivated after watching the video below :- and a tad bit curious, I gathered all the necessary things together and tried it.

Layniefingers tutorial: How to do gradient nails with a sponge

Here are the results:

Aqua Mermaid Nails

Not bad for my first try- Don't mind the sandy edges - I took this shot before I did the cleanup. Anyway for those of you who are interested in the color coordination, the first color used was a dark blue, worked up to a light shade of green and topped off with some silver sparkles.

A hint though : Please do this with some unused papers covering your table. Like I said, it can get a tad messy if you're trying it for the first time.

But I wish you guys all the best and do not hesitate to let me know how the gradient nails work out for you if you decide to give it a go :)

Happy Painting!

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