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A humble welcome to all readers to our social media space where fashion, beauty and travel creates a dimension of their own.

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Giveaway Announcement

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About The Author

About the Author

Whilst most people know me by my online penned name; Pen My Blog, I am also known as Shiv B. My love and enthusiasm on styling and makeup is what launched the inception of this site; hence starting off as a personal beauty diary, it has now become a full blown fashion and beauty website.

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What is Pen My Blog?

Founded in September 2012, Pen My Blog primarily began as a personal journal to connect readers to its daily content. At the start of 2013, it slowly transitioned into a professional fashion and beauty portal with a strong following of more than 14K fans that keeps things fresh on beauty, fashion and travel. 

Pen My Blog also has a YouTube channel which was launched in September 2014 and has racked up to more than 132 thousand views to date. The channel posts weekly every Monday and encourages to educate and inspire all women out there on makeup and beauty trends.

For all intents and purposes, Pen My Blog is an independent beauty and fashion site that is not contracted to any networks. This space is not represented by anyone else other than the author and the author alone. We work independently and focus in providing honest and fair reviews.


Most of Pen My Blog's audience reach comes from Malaysia, Singapore, Australia and United States. 95% of the readers are female; in between the age gap of 18 to 35.

Achievements and Awards

Dec 2013: 3 Nominations for the Liebster Blog Awards
June 2014: Winner of Maybelline Draw My True Self (Bold and Fearless)
July 2014 : Grand Winner of L'Oreal Paris Matte About You Competition
Aug 2014: Featured Personality on Cosmopolitan Magazine
Jan 2015:  Ranked Top 25 Fashion Blogs in Malaysia by Hippo Network
May 2015: Top 10 Female Fashionistas on TallyPress
June 2015: Top 200 Most Popular Bloggers in Malaysia
2015-2017: Clozette Beauty Awards Panelist
2017: Top 6 for the 1st Cycle of the NYX Face Awards Malaysia

Brands Worked With

Pen My Blog Press Features

July 2017: Top 6 for the 1st Cycle of the NYX Face Awards Malaysia

June 2017: Ranked Number 46 Globally on Feedspot Top 100 Asian Fashion Blogs

May 2017: WeStyle Journal Top 5 Beauty YouTubers Malaysia

April 2017: Hermo X Sleek MakeUp

January 2017: Lewre Bespoke

November 2016: Top 5 Beauty Bloggers in Malaysia

September 2016: Marie France Asia Top 5 Malaysian Fashion & Beauty Bloggers

December 2015: Kolos Popular Fashion & Beauty Bloggers in Malaysia (Top 3)

June 2015: Vulcon Post Beauty Feature

June 2015: Top 200 Most Popular Bloggers in Malaysia by Hippo Network

May 2015: Top 10 Female Fashionistas on TallyPress

Jan 2015:  Ranked Top 25 Fashion Blogs in Malaysia by Hippo Network (based on Google)

Jan 2015: Featured in Explorer Magazine (Natta Cosme)

Nov 2014: Featured for Dettol Malaysia

Aug 2014: Featured Personality on Cosmopolitan Magazine

July 2014: L'Oreal Feature on TIC

 May 2014: Featured Style on TIC

Advertorials, Mentions and Sponsorships

There is a lot of brainstorming, ideas and concepts that go around for each mention and advertorial so kindly be reminded that if you are planning on engaging Pen My Blog for a certain product of interest, you will be getting in return a team effort. Kindly contact us at shivani@penmyblog.com for further details.

PR Inquiries and How to get in Touch

Pen My Blog is open to working with brands and PR that abide by honest and fair reviews. We do receive a lot of emails so kindly address that author by name and not by a mass generic email. It does not take a lot of time and we do appreciate the effort of personalization. Do familiarize yourself with our content to see if we are a good fit to your brand as well. Last minute notices are not well received as our schedule is usually packed, so do send in your invitations at least a week early for us to take a look at it.

In the meantime, do click on the contact me form in the link bar above or email us at shivani@penmyblog.com if you would like to find out more or have any queries that you would like us to answer. We shall get back to you as soon as we can.

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