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Astute Clinic Personalized Skincare Products & Why They Are So Good

On Astute Clinic's In-House Products

Earlier this month, we were introduced to Astute Clinic, which is a state of the art clinic that delivers effective results with cutting edge technology and non-invasive cosmetic procedures. This place has a strong focus on anti-aging and even has their own in-house skincare line that is exclusive to the its own clinic and even more so, it is personally developed by it's founder of the clinic and leading Doctor in the specialized field of Aesthetic Medicine, Dr Jason Yip.


Ultimate Hydration | True or False with Hada Labo's Premium Cream

The Hada Labo Premium Cream

Supplying our skin with hydration and anti-aging products seems to be climbing to the number 1 priority for skincare as we get on with age. However not all ranges can assist well to it for moisturization to the skin can be a tricky business; where too little of it has near to no effect and too much of it can cause oil seeds or sometimes even blemishes to pop out time and again.


A Cult Face Cream that is actually worth the hype | Senteurs Du Sud

On Face Creams

Having used face creams on a regular basis, I tend to be a little selective when it comes to choosing the types that I would then implement into my daily skincare regime.

However the one thing I think all of us can agree on is when an effective product comes at an affordable price tag, we would all be for it, for not only does it benefit our skin in the long run, but the affordability of it all also grants us to maintain the regime, thus allowing us make a repurchase of the product without having to think twice due to the price point.


Triumph Launches Malaysia's 1st Mobile Fitting Lab

At Triumph's Mobile Fitting Lab

Looks like we have something exciting coming up for you all this weekend, for Triumph Malaysia is now proud to announce its first ever Mobile Fitting Lab in Malaysia. Set to revitalize the fitting and lingerie participation for every woman, it gives the unique yet convenient setting to give all customers a fun and unique experience for the perfect fit with no hassle at all.


Japan's First Skincare Solutions for Sensitive Asian Skin | Curél

On Curél

When it comes to sensitive skin, the first thing that one looks for in a skincare product are the two main keywords; 'safe' and 'effective'.

Reason being is because while there are indeed certain concerns  of hyper-reactivity going on around the face, corrective products tend to be a bit potent and hence quite strong on their own, and thus may cause inflamed side effects that can be harmful and rough to the skin. Such discomfort can result in roughness, dryness, irritation, itching and redness.


#BreakTheSilence with Betadine x MAKNA in October

On the product

This October is Breast cancer Awareness month, and thus in conjunction with it, Betadine® Feminine Wash is in full support of the National Cancer Council Malaysia (MAKNA) to #breakthesilence to help more Malaysian women become more aware of cancer prevention.


The Launch of Ergobaby's OMNI 360 | #INMYERGO


It is now the month of October and thus in conjunction with Babywearing Month, Ergobaby is empowering parents to have the freedom to go about their day with fun activities with the help of a baby carrier.

The 'I Can Do Anything #INMYERGO' social media campaign is an empowering global campaign using content generated from parents enjoying their parenting journey using baby carriers and is aimed to celebrate the big and small adventures of parenting anytime of any day.


Why You Would Want To Use Paid Social Media Screening Services

On Social Media

Just about everybody is using social media to share their lives with the world, which is why employers are utilizing it to judge a person's character. Job interviews are full of fake smiles and lies, so many employers will use social media screening services in order to tell if a person is truly of good character. Consider some of the reasons below to try out a social media background check service.


What you need to know about Laneige's Holiday Collection 2017 | Delights, Pop!

Laneige Delights, Pop! Collection

Okay you guys, the holiday season is near, and we have some new cheer from Laneige with their upcoming release of their latest collection called Laneige Delights, Pop! The feature of this range is glammed up with fun, glittery packaging designed with a shower of colorful confetti and is certainly a delight for this season's most beautiful parties.


Take your homegrown brand to an international level | COSMOPROF Worldwide Bologna

At the conference

Alright everyone, I need you to take a deep breath, sit down and listen closely to what we have to share today.  Over the past week, you might have seen our Instagram stories relating to an international beauty network called Cosmoprof.


Clarins opens its world's first retail kiosk | IOI City Mall Putrajaya

Clarins Kiosk

Recently, French luxury beauty brand Clarins opened its world's first retail kiosk in IOI City Mall that is focused immensely on clientele experience. Within, it has a floor space of 600 square feet, a 360 approach to beauty and is located on the Ground Level of the mall.


Nature Smart K-Beauty Store | Beyond Body Care

On Beyond

We have been having great admiration for Korean beauty for some time now and having a huge beauty store within our midst that houses all of the brands under one roof is just too good not to share!


Lift and Refresh with Laneige's New Time Freeze Line

Laneige's New Time Freeze Line

For those of you who are a huge fans of Korean Beauty brand Laneige, the brand has upgraded its Time Freeze range, which rejuvenates the skin with nourishment and resilience to retain the vibrancy of youth. With its new Time Freeze Essence EX (40ml) and the Time Freeze Intensive Cream EX (50ml) , these products are focused to help to enhance the elasticity and moisture content of the skin for a youthful outlook with enduring suppleness.


Effective and Affordable Skincare Gels | My Fav Recipe by NeuLa

On Skincare Gels

Alright everyone, it is officially the start of the first week of October and before anyone goes around dressing their face up with Halloween makeup, lets begin ours with three good skincare products - that after a good couple of weeks of usage has assisted my skin quite well.
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