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THE FACE SHOP The Therapy Boosters | Should You Invest?

On Skin Boosters

Now we have seen plenty of skincare boosters in the beauty market; and whether they are for hydration, anti-aging or even skin damage, they do the one thing which is to add on additional benefits to your existing skincare routine. Thus in the past, we have spoken about THE FACE SHOP lotions and creams but to add to addressing the different skincare concerns such as dullness, anti-aging and skin damage, this is where The Therapy Boosters come in.


KAO's Parenthood Day | My Modern Parenthood

KAO's Parenthood Day

Every year Dan and I look forward to the day when Kao Malaysia come's to town and with yesterday having launched their 'Kao's Parenthood Day' in conjunction with its third year of "Welcome to my Modern Parenthood Campaign", we couldn't be more thrilled. Now over the years, this event has been designed to help young families in freeing up valuable time from chores, and this is so that they can spend more time with their family, loved ones and those who matter.


Atelier Cologne Launches Café Tuberosa

Atelier Cologne

Have you ever had a perfume that would simply awake the senses? Well this latest launch by Atelier Cologne is certainly one not to be missed for the Café Tuberosa is a gourmand's take on the classic tuberose with delicious aroma of chocolate, vanilla and coffee.
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