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For as long as I can remember, I have always been a very big fan of beauty tools. This is mainly because they clean the skin quite thoroughly to refresh and rejuvenate it but they are also super gentle to use. Additionally, really good releases have been coming up lately too, especially ones that work on ion+ aspects, which needless to say intrigues me quite a bit.

However as most of us know, these tools can be quite costly from time to time, so if you are looking for budget friendly finds, this one from ANLAN may peak your interest.


The Right Approach: Not Exfoliating and 15 Other Hair Removal Mistakes to Avoid

Men and women have been removing unwanted hair for centuries and continue to do so today. Ancient Egyptians used pumice stones and tweezers to accomplish this task, and people have discovered several new methods since then that help with the removal of hair. Regardless of which method a person uses, however, men and women make certain mistakes again and again. How can a person avoid these mistakes while achieving the look they desire? 


Natura Celebrates Its 1st Year Anniversary in Malaysia

Recently Natura Malaysia celebrated its very 1st year anniversary in Malaysia and to officially launch it, the brand also celebrated it's very first flagship store at Midvalley Megamall KL as well. Notably this is Natura's 1st store in Asia and thus signals the beginning of Natura's international roll out too.


Accessories To Consider to Make Your Outfits Look More Stylish

When you are getting ready and trying on your outfits, you might feel that something is missing. To make your outfit complete or to give a bit more style, you should consider adding some accessories to your outfits. Some people prefer hats while others focus on handbags as their accessory of choice. Below, we are going to look at some of the best accessories for 2020. Read on to get some tips on how to make your outfits more stylish.


A brand with a purpose | Smateria Review + Giveaway!

I have always had a deep appreciation for upcyling and repurposing products, because not only does it breathe new life into materials, but it also minimises wastage and gives the product a new purpose. Now a lot of you know that I also practice this aspect quite a bit in my home as well, which is why when I first heard about Smateria, I was literally all smiles for I was actually very delighted to be coming across more brands that were doing these ethical practices.

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