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Assessing Your Laser Skin Tightening Eligibility

You are probably aware of the popularity of laser skin tightening. Lasers themselves are prominent tools in the skincare industry, and tightening procedures make up a large portion of the treatments they supply. When your skin starts to show wrinkles with age, a skin tightening procedure may be the answer you seek. However, you have to assess your laser skin tightening eligibility, first. That means considering all aspects of the process, including the potential benefits and risks.


Pretty Ballerinas Spring/Summer Collection 2019

Now we have spoken about Pretty Ballerinas during its Fall/Winter release last year, and with the brand bringing a very unique handmade touch since 1918, it has now officially unveiled its Spring Summer 2019 Fashion Collective in collaboration with the one and only Princess Olympia of Greece.


Drift Dining & Bar | A KL Foodie Gem

There are a lot of things that we love to discover about Malaysia, and a big part of it is its food. From best cafes, good restaurants to great meet up points with friends; it all comes down to 4 factors; location, ambiance, food and price point.


Authentic Signature Body Lotion | Mt Sapola

Now if you guys know me, you would already know that I am all for aromatherapy products; whether it would be in the form of essential oils, body care, diffusers and more. So today I thought I would bring attention to a brand called Mt Sapola, which is a brand from both Singapore (now rebranded there as the brand Hysses for the international market) and Thailand (still known as Mt Sapola).


Diptyque's Valentine Day Collection | Roses

When you think of Valentines Day, the perfect symbolic flower that comes to mind are roses. So for this 14th of February 2019, diptyque has brought their fragrance gestures together in one line and they are called the Roses Collection.


Physicians Formula Rosé All Day Oil-Free Serum Review

Within the first quarter of last year, Physicians Formula had launched their Rosé All Day Serum, and it was something that was pretty exciting for the beauty industry, just because there were not many serums that were introduced within drugstore makeup.


Philosophy's Top 5 Best Skincare Products

Now this post has been sitting in my drafts for awhile and reason being is because having gone through a whole bunch of skincare last year for 2018, it took me some time to put together a list of my favourites and top picks; which is what we are doing today for the brand Philosophy.


Holy Grail Moisturising Face Sunscreen | Suntegrity Impeccable Skin Review

Alright you guys, so I haven't gotten this excited about a base product in a good while, and this new addition to the brand Suntegrity just blew my mind. Now this is the Impeccable Skin Moisturising Face Sunscreen that you can get at TNS Skinlab, and it is a 5-1 tinted sunscreen that boosts skincare, SPF and makeup benefits which means it gives you beautiful coverage, great protection and visibly reduces the signs of aging all in one go.


Mentholatum Lip Care CC Lip Cream | What You Need To Know About It

Recently the brand Mentholatum has come up with their brand new CC Lip Cream, and you guys- needless to say that it has got us intrigued. You see, in terms lip care products; these items have become more of a necessity than just the standard cosmetic item; and this is due to the weather and heat; or even more so that people are acknowledging the importance of lip care.


Bare For Bare Nature Inspired Beauty Review

After a stressful day, one of the precious moments that we all enjoy at home usually revolves around self care. Whether it is in terms of a good warm shower, applying scents, body care, essential oils or even implementing a little exercise; one way or another, these small little activities are what gets us through the day to the next.


Baby Bath-time Products with Biolane

As we normally discuss about beauty on this platform, I realised that I haven't really done an updated post on some of the skincare and bath products that Adrianna has been using recently. Besides Offspring Natural which is one of our favourites to use on the daily, another has been Biolane, which is a baby skincare specialist brand from France that has been around since 1972.
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