Huygens Paris launches in Malaysia

Parisian skincare brand HUYGENS has finally launched in Malaysia and we couldn't be more excited for it. After all, this organic beauty brand  offers 100% clean, vegan, organic and cruelty free products, plus the whole range is made in France in the heart of Le Marais, Paris.


Weekends at THIRTY8 Grand Hyatt Kuala Lumpur | Afternoon Tea Buffet

So yesterday we headed over to Grand Hyatt KL to spend some quality time with the family and to try out their restaurant THIRTY8's delectable afternoon tea buffet. Located strategically on the 38th floor, the restaurant has an impressive 360-degree city view which opens up to a beautifully well designed space.


A Non-Invasive Way to Treat Hyperhydrosis| Dermadry Total

Living in a warm and humid climate like ours, most of us are probably used to sweating profusely; whether its from a simple jog in the morning or even during midday as you walk out for a meal during lunch break.  It's not something of an inconvenience mind you, but more so that our body is acting and regulating our body temperature naturally towards the environment around us.


The Body Shop Celebrates 25 years of Community Trade Partnership for their iconic Shea products

Earlier this month, The Body Shop hosted a golden event to celebrate 25 year of Community Trade partnership for their iconic Shea products.There were a lot of fun activities that were shown during the day on how to utilise the new Shea Butter at home as well as getting a first hand experience at the Shea Hack and Tips station; while getting a good hand pampering at the Hand Pampering station.


Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser | Does It Really Work?

When you struggle with dry skin, it becomes a constant back and forth between finding good skincare products that can work best for it; and ones that would have a solid balance to not be overly concentrated but gentle to the skin.


By Terry Launches its Lip-Expert in Matte & Shine in Kensapothecary

This week, BY TERRY launched its brand new Lip-Expert which is a range of liquid lipsticks that was inspired by the ever alluring Parisian woman. The line is a perfect balance of extravagant and natural, effortless and sophisticated, modern and classic; plus the Lip-Expert collection allows women to create statement looks in a single stroke of Matte and Shine. In other words, it is the ideal choice for those who enjoy their signature shades or would like to play with different styles.


Collistar Idro-Attiva launches at SaSa Malaysia

Over the last week, Collistar introduced its latest line of skincare which is its next generation hydration range called Idro-Attiva 72 Hours Detox Hydration. This new skincare line combines the powerful antioxidant and detox action of Italian Peony with a boosted and long-lasting moisturising and plumping approach.


Assessing Your Laser Skin Tightening Eligibility

You are probably aware of the popularity of laser skin tightening. Lasers themselves are prominent tools in the skincare industry, and tightening procedures make up a large portion of the treatments they supply. When your skin starts to show wrinkles with age, a skin tightening procedure may be the answer you seek. However, you have to assess your laser skin tightening eligibility, first. That means considering all aspects of the process, including the potential benefits and risks.


Pretty Ballerinas Spring/Summer Collection 2019

Now we have spoken about Pretty Ballerinas during its Fall/Winter release last year, and with the brand bringing a very unique handmade touch since 1918, it has now officially unveiled its Spring Summer 2019 Fashion Collective in collaboration with the one and only Princess Olympia of Greece.


Drift Dining & Bar | A KL Foodie Gem

There are a lot of things that we love to discover about Malaysia, and a big part of it is its food. From best cafes, good restaurants to great meet up points with friends; it all comes down to 4 factors; location, ambiance, food and price point.


Authentic Signature Body Lotion | Mt Sapola

Now if you guys know me, you would already know that I am all for aromatherapy products; whether it would be in the form of essential oils, body care, diffusers and more. So today I thought I would bring attention to a brand called Mt Sapola, which is a brand from both Singapore (now rebranded there as the brand Hysses for the international market) and Thailand (still known as Mt Sapola).


Diptyque's Valentine Day Collection | Roses

When you think of Valentines Day, the perfect symbolic flower that comes to mind are roses. So for this 14th of February 2019, diptyque has brought their fragrance gestures together in one line and they are called the Roses Collection.


Physicians Formula Rosé All Day Oil-Free Serum Review

Within the first quarter of last year, Physicians Formula had launched their Rosé All Day Serum, and it was something that was pretty exciting for the beauty industry, just because there were not many serums that were introduced within drugstore makeup.


Philosophy's Top 5 Best Skincare Products

Now this post has been sitting in my drafts for awhile and reason being is because having gone through a whole bunch of skincare last year for 2018, it took me some time to put together a list of my favourites and top picks; which is what we are doing today for the brand Philosophy.


Holy Grail Moisturising Face Sunscreen | Suntegrity Impeccable Skin Review

Alright you guys, so I haven't gotten this excited about a base product in a good while, and this new addition to the brand Suntegrity just blew my mind. Now this is the Impeccable Skin Moisturising Face Sunscreen that you can get at TNS Skinlab, and it is a 5-1 tinted sunscreen that boosts skincare, SPF and makeup benefits which means it gives you beautiful coverage, great protection and visibly reduces the signs of aging all in one go.


Mentholatum Lip Care CC Lip Cream | What You Need To Know About It

Recently the brand Mentholatum has come up with their brand new CC Lip Cream, and you guys- needless to say that it has got us intrigued. You see, in terms lip care products; these items have become more of a necessity than just the standard cosmetic item; and this is due to the weather and heat; or even more so that people are acknowledging the importance of lip care.


Bare For Bare Nature Inspired Beauty Review

After a stressful day, one of the precious moments that we all enjoy at home usually revolves around self care. Whether it is in terms of a good warm shower, applying scents, body care, essential oils or even implementing a little exercise; one way or another, these small little activities are what gets us through the day to the next.


Baby Bath-time Products with Biolane

As we normally discuss about beauty on this platform, I realised that I haven't really done an updated post on some of the skincare and bath products that Adrianna has been using recently. Besides Offspring Natural which is one of our favourites to use on the daily, another has been Biolane, which is a baby skincare specialist brand from France that has been around since 1972.


TNS Skinlab Opens its very 1st Facial Spa & Showroom

Now we have been reviewing TNS Skinlab for awhile on this site, and the brand has yet held another surprise for 2019, for they have officially opened its very 1st Facial Spa & Showroom right in the heart of Desa Sri Hartamas.


K-Beauty Herbal Haircare Brand Ryo is now in Watsons Malaysia

Over the last week, k-beauty hair-care brand Ryo, which is the leading shampoo brand in South Korea officially made its debut exclusFively at Watsons nationwide. Known for its medicinal herbal ingredients, the brand comes available in four variants; which is in Hair Loss Care, Damage Hair, Scalp Deep Cleansing and Dandruff Relief.


Ringing in the Lunar New Year with Daniel Wellington

It has definitely been awhile since I have done a good fashion timepiece post, so for this Lunar New Year 2019, we begin with something a little festive for Spring but with a classic & timeless touch; and that would be the one and only Daniel Wellington.


Ways to up your property for Airbnb

There are some cases where HDB applicants failed to obtain HDB loans because they failed to fulfill their eligibility for HDB loan and opted for private residential. But you have no intention to move into your new condominium but wouldn’t want your property to go vacant. Thus, you have decided to join the Airbnb trend to earn some side income, you will need to go through an extended trip and want to rent your place out while you are away.


A Must Have Stop For Travellers & Family | Tropics Eight Suites Penang

Having been in Penang for almost a week now, we have made some amazing discoveries along the way. From eateries and sights to local delights, we now have another to add into the mix, which is Tropics Eight Suites that is strategically located right in Penang's city central.

Now the hustle and bustle of Penang is something that we have been enjoying throughout our stay here, and if you are the sort who is travelling to discover more about Penang; or better yet if you are doing this with family or even a big group of friends, then Tropics Eights Suites would mark the perfect choice of accommodation for this.


Spices Hotel Penang | A Hidden Gem in the Heart of Georgetown

There is something about historical and cultural sites that till this day completely gets to me; and upon reaching Penang, we came across one such place that is Spices Hotel; which is an award winning boutique hotel that exudes rich heritage within its four walls, inspired by its Moroccan, Spanish and Indian interior decor.


Pantene Unveils its 1st Micellar Series at Watsons

Among most haircare products that are within the beauty industry, we are pretty sure that most of you  will agree with us that when it comes to the basics, the shampoo is one of the most important products in any hair care regimen.

Plus with all the humidity that we get due to our climate in Malaysia,  we all know that it can be pretty challenging to maintain a clean and healthy scalp; thus for today we are going to be discussing and taking a closer look at Pantene's new launch, which is its Micellar Shampoo & Conditioner series.


The Face Shop Yehwadam Heaven Grade Ginseng Rejuvenating Range

Since 2017, THE FACE SHOP has launched a couple of variants of its Yehwadam series; from Revitalizing, Pure Brightening, Moisturizing and to its latest, which is the Heaven Grade Ginseng Rejuvenating range.

Household Cleaning Services With Steam & Sanitize | H20 Steaming Specialist

Ever since Dan and I had our little one, we have become increasingly concerned with keeping the home spotless; whether it would be from bacteria, pollutants and more. Nonetheless having scoured for household services that would help assist in the matter; we noticed that there were not many of them that specialised in the certain specifics that we were looking for.


Melvita Argan Pur Concentrate Youthful Oil-Serum Review

Recently we have been implementing Melvita's Argan Oil-Serum in to our skincare routine, and one of the things that was really enjoyed about the product is that it has a multi-purpose usage, where it can be utilised on the skin, hair, nails and even on the body.


By Eggs Boing Boing Soy Pudding Sleeping Mask

First off, Happy New Year you guys! Hope you all had a great celebration with friends and family, and thus to kickstart off 2019, let's begin our very first post with the core of beauty, which is of course good skincare.
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