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Yesterday, Pavilion Kuala Lumpur, marked the 9th Anniversary of its award-winning precinct Tokyo Street at a festive celebration attended by the Japanese community in Malaysia. Since its launch on 29 July 2011, Tokyo Street has showcased the beautiful culture of Japan to Malaysians and visitors of Pavilion KL and the mall was the first to offer a dedicated precinct celebrating Japanese culture, arts, retail and food.


Schwarzkopf Professional Launches its Castor Seed Cleansing Oil & Mediterranean Finishing Oil

Strongly believing that the ultimate beauty starts from within, Schwarzkopf Professional knows that true beauty is more than a pleasing look, for it is also the essence of a person's inner harmony radiating through the outside. Thus coupled with the shift regarding the importance of physical and mental wellbeing, this would also mean that consumers are now seeking out premium experiences with lasting benefits, ones that are more often than not, focused on personal time and is an escape from hectic, daily routines.


Strengthening Your Hair From Within

As most of you know, over the years, I have always stressed about the importance of haircare on this platform; and the main reason for that is because most of what is being discussed, does stem from past experiences where I had poor haircare management from the very first time I had coloured my hair.


Jack' n Jill Cream-O celebrates 'Ekstra O-Some' Malaysians

As it is nearing Merdeka and Malaysia Day, JACK' n JILL Cream-O has dialled up the celebrations with a tribute to 'Ekstra O-Some' Malaysians who are our frontlines.


According to Dermatologists | Is Sunscreen Safe to Use?

Getting sufficient vitamin D is excellent for your skin, as it prevents premature aging. Your face and other parts of the body become smooth thanks to the sunshine. If you need to bask throughout the day, you need sunscreen. This way, you will get the utmost protection from UV rays. However, that begs the question, is sunscreen safe to use?


Effective Ways to Genuinely Say You're Sorry

Life can be strange, a never-ending chain of occurrences, as our lives entwine with others and that can sometimes lead to a problem. It might be spilling your coffee on her tablet, or worse, denting her car, or even forgetting her birthday (perish the thought!). When you really have messed up, you need to find a gift that will have the desired effect, which is to demonstrate the depths of your sorrow regarding the unfortunate incident. Here are a few ideas for that perfect gift to show just how sorry you are.


Hilton Garden Inn KL | Rooftop 25 Bar and Lounge Introduces New Signature Dishes

Two weeks ago, we were introduced to Hilton Garden Inn KL's brand new menu with Rooftop 25 Bar and Lounge, where it featured an array of amazing comfort food to complement the scenic views of the Kuala Lumpur Skyline. There was a good mix of traditional Malaysian favourites to exciting fusion delicacies, plus the menu also takes on a mix of western and local flavours to pair well with Rooftop 25 Bar and Lounge's beverage listing as well.


Summer Essentials Picks with The Face Shop

Summer is now in full effect, and as such, beach holidays are a thing; and whilst everyone is soaking up the rays and vibes from the sun, sand and sea; it would also be good to bring along some essentials as well to protect your skin too.


Elevating Your Snacking Experience with Jack 'N Jill Calbee

Alright you guys, JACK 'n JILL Calbee is currently hosting an Elevate Your Snacking Experience At Home contest for you to stand a chance to win amazing treats.


Maniqure Nail Salon Review | Custom Gel Nail Art

It has definitely been awhile since a good nail appointment had been done, for throughout the time of MCO and CMCO, the 3 month wait period had been a rather restricting and trying time for most. Nonetheless, with the recent ease of restrictions, businesses have been picking up and personally it was found most comforting to finally feel safe going out in the new normal. Especially when we all need a good pick me up now again to feel a bit better about the situation.
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