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Lakme Cosmetics 3 in 1 Aqua Shine Lip Color Review

Lakme Cosmetics 3 in 1 Aqua Shine Lip Color

 It's no short of a surprise that when it comes to the play of color on the lips, I am a huge fan. Plus having heard of Lakme Cosmetics before its coming to Malaysia, I had always been intrigued with their lip colors; especially when it was well suited to olive to tan skin-tones.


International Giveaway by Pen My Blog X N:U- Not The Usual

"So a brand new watch is on its way to your doors and if you are the type of person who enjoys something out of the ordinary, then you have picked the right timepiece for you." #Nuinthewild

This International Giveaway from Pen My Blog is hosted by none other than N:U-Not The Usual which creates the bold, young and fresh look fit to dress up any wrist at any time. Believing that watches are just made to tell time, N:U watches designs are a testament of the time you live in.


Boyce Avenue at KL Live

Boyce Avenue Live in KL

Watching Boyce Avenue grow through YouTube throughout the years have always been a tremendous joy; from their their acoustic chart topping covers to star originals. If you have been following them from the start, you would know that these three artists have grown so much in the industry; and that it sometimes makes you want to beam in pride; just for them.

Dr Pore Tightening Glacial Clay Facial Mask Review

Dr Pore Tightening Glacial Clay Facial Mask

Facial masks is something that I use up to two to three times a week because it helps in hydrating and clearing the dry flakes off my skin. A Glacial Clay Facial Mask however is a new introduction to the skin.

You see, usually for pore tightening masks, my optimum usage is up to once a week as it clears access sebum and deeply purifies the skin. However depending on the skin condition, if the product is used too much it can cause peeling. Nonetheless as I read on for Dr. Pore Tightening Glacial Clay Facial Mask, I noted that this particular clay mask contained oatmeal elements which in all relief will keep the skin moist and hydrated after removal.


Urban Decay Spring Collection 2015

Urban Decay Spring Collection 2015

Urban Decay. The brand that brought you The Naked Series (Basics, 1,2 and 3), the Vice Palette Editions and more has done it again with their impressive Spring 2015 Makeup Collection. Launched in Malaysia two days ago on the 19th of February; the new range features 14 various tones of skin powder foundation, four different color eyeshadows, eight beautiful concealers and ten shades of lipsticks.


Benè Premium Bluria and Rougeria Review

The BENÉ Premium Hair Range

So with the big day that has come and gone, I can finally settle down to do a little bit of light reading and a quick catch up on what has been happening lately. Quite recently there has been a social buzz about a new hair-care range that has come into town all the way from Japan; (you can read about the launch here) which is called the Benè Premium Hair Range. There were two collections launched within the range called Benè Premium Bluria and Benè Premium Rougeria.


Betjeman & Barton French Tea Perfume Party

Betjeman & Barton

Coming across Betjeman & Barton during Christmas last year was an elation for we have been surveying around KL for quite some time on administrators of fine teas.

If you have yet to hear about Betjeman & Barton; they are a world renowned french tea brewing from Paris that focuses on serving the best french tea along with french confectioneries such as cakes, macaroons and chocolates.


BOURJOIS PARIS Silk Edition Compact Powder & Smoky Stories Grey and Night Review

Bourjois Paris Silk Edition Compact Powder and Smoky Stories Grey and Night

Quite recently we have been having a play of lipsticks and liners from Bourjois Paris so it is quite refreshing to see that they have brought down something new for us to discover. From the Silk Edition Compact Powder to the Smoky Stories in Grey and Night; it is exciting to see what we will be able to unveil for 2015 in terms of their new products swatches and application.

Shiseido MAQuillAGE Dramatic Series Launch

The Shiseido MAQuillAGE Dramatic Series

Revamped with a new look since its launch in 2015, Shiseido MAQuillAGE has now entered a new stage that aims to bring fun and enjoyment to the makeup experience. Awakening the true beauty that lies within all women, the brand relishes makeup and fashion with it's femininity and elegance with a touch of sexiness in between.

The Beauty Spa Regime 2015

Our Beauty Spa Regime 2015

With the hectic lifestyles that many of us are often leading, it's always best to take time away from work and do a little down time; focusing and pampering on the needs that is needed after a long and hectic week.

You see with a little self focus, you will in fact be more relaxed and will begin to enjoy that little time to yourself while re-energizing yourself for the week that lies ahead. Hence as to why with a few products from our Butterfly Project Beauty Box, we are going to see how we can pamper ourselves to the fullest and cherish each gratifying moment as they come to pass.


Boyce Avenue Asia Tour Live in Malaysia

Boyce Avenue Asia Tour

From doing covers to becoming the biggest stars on YouTube, Boyce Avenue has definitely come a long way from it's humble beginnings.

Recently releasing their first successful EP in 2014 called 'No Limits' the band continued their stride by collaborating with other great YouTube artists like David Choi, Tyler Ward, Megan & Liz, Kina Grannis and more.
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