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C. Michael London | Stem Cell Professional

At the salon

If you have noticed on social media, my hair color has changed, from a dark shade of ebony black to a warm highlight of a golden red. Now, you need to know that there wasn't any particular reason for this hair transformation, but because it was from a brand that I have known for years (the brand has been around for more than 40 years) and loved immensely before, I personally wanted to get in touch with their range once again and hence the coloring commenced.


Yes Or No? | Dr. Wu Hydrating System

On Asian Skincare

Asian skincare is something that I think most of us can appreciate, and even more so when a brand is associated and certified from an actual dermatologist who teaches at the National Taiwan University that is well known for its laser treatments and cosmetic surgery.


Why A Better Florist Isn’t Just an Ordinary Florist

On fresh blooms

Flowers are the number one choice for gifting, especially when you’re on the go but still want to surprise someone with a special gift. However, there’s something about A Better Florist that makes all other florists seem too ordinary.


Style vs Practicality | Mizzue

Upon heading out

There is just something about the style of handbags that I just can't seem to get over with. Each to its own has its special story, whether its for the domination of style or practicality. Some even find their pieces as a form of comfort- a safety familiar that you can pair well with any outfit.


L'Occitane Pyjama Party + Peony Mini Pod Masks

At L'Occitane's Pyjama Party

So last week we took a two day trip down to Genting with L'Occitane to experience a relaxing pyjama party with the brand's signature Reine Blanche Whitening Sleeping Mask and their new Peony Mini Pod Masks. Now if you have seen our Live Video on our Instagram Stories (follow us @penmyblog), you would probably know what would be going down, but just in case you haven't, don't worry we will be putting up the journey for you here.


Clarins Double Serum | Launched

At the launch

Okay you guys, it is time to be at the edge of your seats because Clarins has finally launched it's new and  most powerful Double Serum yet. Now if you have been an avid user of the brand and have been following its product journey for awhile, you would know that this is its 8th generation double formula but now it is fully enriched with [20+1] plant extract.


Peripera Perikiki | CLIO Tropical Hipster Launched

On the new launch

You would know that the Summer season is upon us when some of your favorite brands begin launching waterproof formulations, especially ones that are extremely well packaged within their own collections.

Peripera and Clio did just that, and hence having debuted both of their new ranges yesterday, Malaysians now have been introduced to Peripera's Perikiki Collection and Clio's Tropical Hipster line, both of which are simply bursting with vibrancy and color.


Adaline Keep Cool Masks + Giveaway | Skinphy

A Daily Masking Routine

The one thing about Korean Beauty that I really love are masks. Reason being is that they fit extremely well onto the face without slipping off, have no spillage, and the absorption for them is very quick; thus leaving the face plumped and radiant right after application.


OffSpring Natural | A Must Have For Parents

On Offspring Natural

Being a new mum, I am pretty fresh to the parenthood game and the one thing that always used to confuse me was diapers. It essentially began with how many to buy, then how much I would need on a daily basis, the comfort of it all and then it started to trail off to whether my daughter would have a reaction to it.


Kay-Kay All Plant Protein Powder | Happy Parenting

On Parenting

Taking into account all the things that you would need to prep for upon the arrival of your little one, it is always good to take note on the things that you may need after the pregnancy as well. Being one who has been placed into the new mothers category recently, I came to find that anticipating situations is one that is vital, and one that after 3 months of having my beautiful baby girl, I fully came to appreciate.

H&M Beauty Launches in Malaysia

H&M Beauty Launches in Malaysia

After a long wait, H&M is now proud to announce that their very much anticipated Beauty concept will finally be launching for the first time in Malaysia. This collection has an extensive line of cosmetics body and hair products, and the highlight of the range is the ever-evolving makeup selection primed to bring out the best in seasonal trends and colour.
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