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A Guide to Wearing Workout Wear

The global trend for fitness and good health has changed a lot of people for the better, and whether you practice yoga or get into extreme workouts, you will need suitable clothing. When engaging in any extreme physical activity, you must always ensure that your assets are kept tightly in check, yet the fabric needs to stretch and allow your skin to breathe.


An Eco-Friendly Korean Haircare Line | BEYOND Deep Cooling Hair Care Series Review

Lately, with more eco-friendly products being displayed on shelves, a lot of us have been more conscious on what we utilise to pamper ourselves with. The same aspect goes for our haircare needs and as such, here we have the BEYOND Deep Cooling Hair Care range to discuss today.


Melano CC Vitamin C Brightening Gel | Does It Work?

Now I have been on the hunt for a good Vitamin C moisturiser and when I came across this one from Melano, I was a little hesitant, partly because its consistency was a gel; and from my experiences from the past with gel moisturisers, they do tend to leave my skin with oil seeds which I do not like.


Giving A Watch: What It Means To Different People

Watches have been firmly entrenched in society for a few hundred years, and in various forms, the watch has always been a valued accessory that is both functional and attractive, and when you plan to give a special person in your life a timepiece, this can have different meanings in other cultures. Here are just a few examples of how the gift of a watch is viewed around the world.


Sharing the fun and kindness with JACK 'n JILL ROLLER COASTER

Alright you guys, JACK'n JILL Roller Coaster is back again with yet another fun campaign to motivate Malaysians to play apart in their society. The Roller Coaster Share the Fun, Share the Kindness Contest 2020 is an initiative aimed at empowering consumers to share the fun and share the kindness with children’s homes.
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