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Invest In Your Skin With Beautine

The basics of skincare always goes back to the items that we utilise on our skin, and while it is a common practice to use every day face or bath towels for it, there always tends to be the risk of our skin being exposed to various forms of bacteria which at the end of the day can result in skin problems.


Starbucks Malaysia Raya Favourites 2020

With the latest COVID-19 pandemic sparking a national Movement Control Order (MCO), Starbucks has released some of its Raya favourites as well as its gifting opportunities raging from a line of beverages and merchandise.


Advanced Protection with AcéMD & Why You Should Know More About It

So we all know that with the recent global pandemic of Covid-19, there has been a demand surge for Hand Sanitizers, Masks, Wet Wipes and such. However, it has also come to the attention of many from the public that certain suppliers have also been increasing their revenue by marking up their price points for these products as well.


Budget Friendly Fashion Finds

It has definitely been awhile since we have last discussed and spoken about budget friendly finds, so today's topic is going to be covering some fashion favourites and key pieces that we have come across and taken a shine to during this MCO period.
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