Diptyque's 34 Collection - LA COLLECTION TRENTE-QUATRE

"There is no chance, there are only appointments"

For diptyque, these words summarizes the brand's entire history, one that has punctuated with love at first sight, sharing and serendipity. Thus with this- its latest release, which is the La Collection Trente-Quatre, it pays homage to its founders where each item curated calls attention to details, hence segmenting the collections to 3 aspects which are Ambiance, Paper and Flames.


By Terry Nude Expert Duo Stick | Fall Collection at Kensapothecary

With the launch of By Terry's Fall Collection 2018, the Nude Expert Duo Stick was introduced and available in 10 shades at Kensapothecary, the product features both a foundation and a highlight within to create the perfect radiant balance to match your skin tone.
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