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Halloween Edition of Bag of Love....wait Lice! Review

Why hello there Bag Of Love Lice!

It's the  spookiest event of the year! Happy Halloween everybody!

And to complete it, a neat little package via The Butterfly Project; Bag Of Love was waiting for me when I was came home from work.


Himalaya Herbals Anti-Hair Fall Range Blogger Event at Rupini's Beauty Spa, Bangsar

Have you ever felt like you didn't know what to do when you started having terrible hair loss?

It is rather painful experience to watch your hair go through this phase especially when the reason being is due to stress, hormonal imbalance or other health problems.


HiShop Brilliant Lipcare Set 1-3 Beauty Review

Whenever I look in the mirror and see my crack lips I always tend to wince in dismay.

Of course in our humid and hot weather, this is a common issue amongst boys and girls alike.

However for girls, we always enjoy trying on different types of lip colors - be it lipstick, lip balm- you name it but a common problem with this is that the color won't last and the skin will begin to peel.

On my end this was my unfortunate issue and even though I have tried all sorts of remedies to  keep them hydrated, my lip still remains cracked and dry.

Left- Cracked Lips: Before Lip Color                                      Right-Cracked Lips: After Lip Color


Organia Extra Virgin Olive Oil Water Drop Essence Hand Cream Review

I have always been a big supporter of all things organic and due to our hot and humid weather conditions in Malaysia, I have always favored hand creams to soothe my dehydrated skin.

So allow me to introduce to you my new favorite love from Korea, Organia Extra Virgin Olive Oil Water Drop Essence Hand Cream.

Organia Extra Virgin Olive Oil Water Drop Essence Hand Cream

Received as a gift from my other half as he was traveling around Korea, this 50g tube allows ultra hydrating treatment that moistures the surface well while leaving a light yet refreshing touch to the skin.


OPI Mariah Carey's Pure 2013 Holiday Collection: 18K White Gold & Silver Leaf Top Coat Review

Introducing to you the new O.P.I limited edition holiday offering - Mariah Carey's Pure.

Mariah Carey's Pure

Retailing at stores at RM99 a piece, this genuine 18K White Gold & Silver Leaf Top Coat is inspired by the one and only diva Mariah Carey and is basically the bottled luxury for the holidays.


Modbox October Review

As we know beauty boxes are the current craze amongst our Malaysian society.

Chalked filled with beautiful surprises every month to be delivered straight to your doorstep, it has definitely become a popular online platform for young girls to sample new products and to generate the awareness on different type of brands.

Of course the element of surprise is also a very attractive feature as well.

As can be seen from previous posts, I have done many reviews on the various beauty boxes we have in Malaysia - Wonderbox, Vanity Trove, Bag of Love- you name it but now let me introduce to you the latest one.

Modbox- October Box

Please give a warm welcome to Modbox. Launched over a year back, this beauty box has a selective range of products each month where you can make a choice on what products you would like for that month.


The Butterfly Project : Natta Cosme Thayers Rose Petal Witch Hazel Alcohol-Free Toner Review

Butterfly Project : Natta Cosme

Before I start, I would like to give a warm thank you to the Butterfly Project and Natta Cosme for giving me the opportunity to review Natta Cosme's Thayers Rose Petal Witch Hazel Alcohol-Free Toner.


Nuffnang Food Fest 2013! #NNFoodFest

Nuffnang Food Festival

So if you haven't heard about Nuffnang's latest project, here is the scoop.

Evolving around the idea that one has to tweet to eat, Nuffnang began a collaboration with all sorts of vendors - Nando's, My Burger Lab, 1901, Chatime to name a few.


Color Club Miss Bliss 998 Nail Polish Review

Color Club Halo Hues
Have you ever taken a look at a nail polish color and fell in love with it?
Well, I did.

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