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Schwarzkopf Beauty Extra Bonanza Contest

With over 100 years of experience in the global hair care industry and its consumer products garnering an increasingly strong presence in the Malaysian market, it comes to no surprise that Schwarzkopf Professional is a brand that is loved by many.


Paktor & Sagiko Present A Guinness World Records™ Largest Speed Dating Event Record Attempt in Vietnam

So here is something interesting.

Ever heard of a virtual mobile app that will be able to challenge the misconceptions of achieving a GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ in Speed Dating?


The Butterfly Project; Santa Hermo : Hear My Wish!

Dear boys and girls, what would you like Santa to bring for you for Christmas this year?

1 Utama Shopping Centre's Wonder Food Adventure X The Butterfly Project

1 Utama Shopping Centre

Don't you think it's a typical Malaysian thing that when asked "Where do you want to go for lunch/dinner/etc?", there is always that generic reply of "I'm fine with anything - you pick."


Bag Of Love Special Edition Bag Review

Bag of Love

Special Edition bags are a concept from the Bag of Love that validates up to 5 Full Sized products from great luxury brands. This is usually limited to 30-35 pieces and only comes at a fraction of its retail price.

With regards to Bag of Love, this is their 2nd Special Edition Bag to hit the online market and is the most expensive one to date.

Bag of Love's 1st Special Edition Bag Retailing at RM199.90
(Products inside retails at RM544)

With the notion of only 30 slots of limited availability, its time for our review of  the 2nd "Special Edition" bag from our beloved Bag of Love.

Announcement of the Special Edition Bag of Bag of Love's Facebook Website

Priced at RM259.90, the second Special Edition pack originally retails at a hefty sum of RM866 per bag.

Placed in an sturdy, eco-friendly jute tote , these 6 full sized products (along with 1 Lierac deluxe size) fits accordingly to its luxury subscription and has only 30 kits that are available for purchase.

Bag of Love 2nd Special Edition Bag

I was fortunate enough to manage to receive one of the special edition bags although going through the process in the car was not that easy to manage, but all in all it was pretty satisfying moment on my end when I managed to get one in hand.

The total price range and products in the bag

As you can see, there are about 7 products in the bag totaling up to the RM866 retail price range, however with regards to the full sized products we are only counting them as 6 units as the Lierac Sensory Water Gel comes in a bonus deluxe size.

Swiss Line Cell Shock Cellular Vital Essence

Swiss Line Cell Shock Cellular Vital Essence

The first product I took out was 100ml Swiss Line's Cell Shock Cellular Vital Essence. Retailing at a whopping RM328, this product is by far the most expensive item in Bag of Love's Special Edition bag yet.

Proven to inhibit the formation of up to 98% of sunburn cells, yet containing no SPF, this “serum-mist” stimulates the cellular defenses against UV-induced aging and brightens and refines the skin. It is designed to be used as an energy booster, but it can be used as a makeup primer.

Calvin Klein Sheer Beauty Essence EDT Spray

Calvin Klein Sheer Beauty Essence 

This Calvin Klein Sheer Beauty Essence EDT spray comes in a travel friendly 30ml bottle and retails at RM180.


Pen My Blog Giveaway

Good morning everyone!

As mentioned on Facebook, Pen My Blog will be hosting a giveaway for all you beauty lovers to participate!


Hamleys,The Finest Toy Shop In The World Grand Opening in Malaysia

For those of you who have been to London, I am certain that you know that when you think of Hamleys, you think about being transported into a world of magical experiences where toys come alive to bring joy to children of all ages and that everything around you that is basically an experience to remember.


The Lilac Box Men's Edition Review

So I understand that it has been a while since I did my last beauty box review, so let's kick-start this Tuesday by covering the Lilac Box Men's Edition.

The Lilac Box

As all of us know, we girls pride ourselves on our cleansing and facial routine, but sometimes you have to ask - do our men do the same thing?


Maybelline 24 Hour Color Tattoo By Eyestudio Review

Maybelline New York

I have always been a big fan of Maybelline products; whether it was their lipsticks or lipgloss range, makeup removers, blush, mascara or  foundation coverage.

Maybelline 24 Hour Color Tattoo

So when I heard that Maybelline launched a cream shadow for their Spring Collection called the 24 hour Color Tattoo by EyeStudio back in 2012, I was ecstatic.


Benefit Cosmetics Advent Calender 2013 "Countdown To Love" Overview

Benefit Cosmetics San Francisco

Are you always cracking your head over what to get your loved ones for Christmas?

Well it is time for you to sit back and relax as you tick away this worry off your Christmas list because a beautiful array of Holiday Season Sets by Benefit Cosmetics are coming your way.

So let's get started by going through one of their main product highlights.

Benefit Cosmetics "Countdown To Love" Advent Calender 2013

Having recently launched their Holiday Collection for the year 2013, Benefit Cosmetics have begun celebrating the coming New Year in full swing by introducing their latest addition; 'Countdown To Love" Advent Calender 2013.


Hishop GEO CK-105 Magic Circle Contact Lens Review

When I first heard of contact lenses that could make your eyes look bigger, the first thought that popped into my mind was that the doll look was coming back into fashion.


For a Bright and Better Future | The Butterfly Project Brings You The Philips Innovations That Matters To You

Philips Innovations That Matter To You; A Butterfly Project Community Effort

Our love for our country goes without saying. We enjoy the ethnic food, experiencing our diverse cultures and we love being in the warm company of good family and friends.

Philips Innovation That Matters To You

In conjunction with The Butterfly ProjectPhilips Malaysia is now enriching that grounded aspect by launching a competition on innovations and ideas that matter to you that allows to boost safer cities and healthier homes for the community.


The Butterfly Project; Kinohimitsu Hawaiian Luau Party :)

Now I know for a fact that a lot of you readers have heard this simple phrase: "An Apple A Day, Keeps The Doctor Away." 

My parents often said this to me back in primary school days with the good intention of my well-being purposes (though I personally feel that it was just to get me to eat my veggies and fruits) but now I realize that because of it, I am in good health, active and above all a nutty nutritional enthusiast.

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