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Giveaway Announcement

Giveaway Announcement

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China Glaze Senorita Bonita Review


Now since I have missed my last week nail polish review - I am going to get one done for this week :)

So let's give a warm welcome to China Glaze Senorita Bonita!

China Glaze Senorita Bonita

This stunning purple color is one of the main hues in the China Glaze Island Escape Summer Collection. There are 6 colors in the lot : ranging from 'Papaya Punch, 108 Degrees, Senorita Bonita, Blue Iguana, Cha Cha Cha and Electric Pineapple. '

The Lilac Box No.3 Review


Hello all!

So I have finally received my Lilac Box No.3. I was extremely excited to get it and let me tell you, the anticipation was crazy!

Busy bee :)


Hi everyone!

Again I have to apologise for the late blog postings - have been busy with work whilst surfing the net about what has been going on after GE13. Also my birthday just came and went, so you know ;)

O.P.I Step Right Up! Nail Polish Review


So today we are going to review the O.P.I Step Right Up! Nail Lacquer.

This creamy color comes from the Femme De Cirque Soft Shades Spring Collection 2011.

O.P.I Femme De Cirque Soft Shades Spring Collection 2011

Friday Postings Announcements - Nail Polish Reviews

Hello everyone - Happy Friday.

First and foremost, I have got a small announcement to make. I have decided that every Friday I am going to review a nail polish of choice - just for fun.

Labor Day Rainbow Dots Nail Art Tutorial


Labor Day Rainbow Dots Nail Art Tutorial

Hi guys, today we are going to do a Labor Day Rainbow Dots Art Nail Tutorial! Now before we start this tutorial - make sure your nails are clean - if you have nail polish on them, you can take them off with your nail polish remover.

Make sure your nails are clean

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