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Keeping Time with Orient

Orient Women's Sports Watch in Neon Pink

Lately I have been feeling that there has been a rather lack of color when it comes to my wardrobe. The usual array of blacks, whites and greys don't seem to be doing the trick anymore and in a way; they seem a little too ordinary for my liking.


Celebrating Maybelline's 100 Year Anniversary

At Maybelline 100th Anniversary

Celebrating their 100th year anniversary, Maybelline New York took to the stage to showcase 10 of their iconic looks that were worn by women throughout the 10 decades. Recreated by the one and only celebrity makeup artist Stevensunny, the event was held at Mid Valley Megamall and beckoned celebrities, personalities and fans from far and wide.

Introducing the Shiseido Ibuki Multi Solution Gel at CHI Fitness

Shiseido Ibuki

To know Shiseido is to know about their skincare products and taking a look at the April Beauty Favorites that I have done and an article that was written about Shiseido Ultimune, you would know that I have been an avid user of their products for quite some time now.

Hence as to why when introduced to their latest Multi Solution Gel, I was immediately gravitated to it to say the least. I mean, a product that builds skin's resistance to UV rays, helps dryness and prevents breakouts? Talk about a three killer combo in one.


NEESYA Intensive Overnight Radiance Review

NEESYA Intensive Overnight Radiance Set

After seeing many Neesya reviews flooding the Facebook feed over a couple of months; I was a little curious over the brand and what it had to offer. After all, this Malaysian radiance make had only been in the market a little over two years; and there were still a handful of us that are not very well versed with the brand due to the fact that it is not widely advertised or heavily mass produced.


Dr Jart+ Dermaclear Micro Water Review

Dr. Jart + Dermaclear Micro Water

Trying out the Dermaclear Micro Water by Dr. Jart+ gave a rather new insight to what cleansing waters was all about. The craze about these things seem to be an all time high this 2015 which has shifted from mid range oil removers; and is said to be more gentle and easier on the skin.

Previewing it in a product line-up back in August 2014, the Dermaclear Micro Water has since launched this April 2015 and seeing that Korean skincare and beauty products have been warmly welcomed on the beauty scene; this product has also received high praise from its users.


Elianto Long Wear Eyeshadow Sticks Review

The Elianto Long Wear Eyeshadow Sticks

I have recently been having this love hate relationship with eyeshadow sticks; whether it's from the higher end brands of Laura Mercier Caviar Sticks to the more affordable range of NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils and their Glam Shadow Sticks.Now arguably, the price spectrum on these products are miles apart so finding something that is within mid range gives good comfort; especially ones that provides a good enough color payoff and will not burn a hole in your pocket at the end of the day.


Dorsett Grand Subang "Marry Me Marry You" Bridal Fair

At Dorsett Subang Grand

Raising the bar at Dorsett Grand Subang due to overwhelming responses for the much anticipated "Marry Me, Marry You" Bridal Fair, the hospitality group featured four major themed wedding concepts from Malay weddings to Chinese, Indian as well as Western bridal themes.


Breena Beauty Face Luxe Brush Review

Face Luxe Brush by Breena Beauty

Growing accustom to well known makeup brush brands such as M.A.C, Real Techniques, Zoeva, Sigma Beauty and more; it definitely comes on sharp perception that when a new product launches in the market, most beauty junkies are already on full alert, waiting for the arrival of the merchandise with arms open wide.


Orient 65th Anniversary Roadshow

Orient Sun and Moon Timpiece in Rose Gold (ET0T001W); RM1,537

Even though yesterday's activities were all in a blur, I remember vividly the first time I saw this timepiece; ornate and perfect, sitting in its place with its stainless steel case and strong leather strap.

The feeling of appreciation and admiration over its immaculate details washed over me, from its stunning guilloche-style finish to its concentric patterns of motifs and embellishments. As I traced my fingers along this beautiful masterpiece and thought to myself, "Now this is what I call classic."


Clozette Malaysia K-Party

With Clozette Co-Founder and Creative Director; Kersie Koh

It has definitely been some time since we caught up with our Clozette family; and while we have definitely missed meeting up with our fellow ambassadors and clozetters, our Asia's Top Fashion and Beauty social network decided to bring the meetup to us by throwing a wonderful K-Party in conjunction with Mother's Day.


The Body Shop Fuji Green Tea Range Review

The Body Shop Fuji Green Tea Range

Imagine having tea by the seaside. That whiff of freshness and those healthy tea-leaves to keep you company on a relaxing day out. That is the scent presented with The Body Shop's Fuji Green Tea range.

I am pretty sure all of you already know that green tea has great antioxidant qualities and with its detoxifying health benefits, green tea has already made its mark for over 400 years in social and cultural activities; which greatly enough includes the Japanese Tea Ceremony.

Introducing Jimmy Choo Blossom

Introducing Jimmy Choo Blossom 

Being a huge Jimmy Choo fragrance fan from way back when, I have often connected the brand with fresh and fruity fragrances that is reminisced of something luxurious but yet having a bright and joyful vibe. Plus being a current user of their Flash and EDT perfumes, I anticipated something charming and feminine for Blossom and needless to say, it was right on the mark.


Shiseido Professional SS 2015 Romantic Venom

Unveiling its latest SS15 season trend, Shiseido Professional presents Romantic Venom with cutting-edge fashion styles with edgy hair and makeup looks. Introduced was special guest from the Beauty Creative Team in Japan, Ikuko Shindo who came and gave an exclusive insight on the inspiration behind each different look and on how the season trend came about for Shiseido Professional.


L'Oreal Paris Fall Resist 3X Shampoo and Conditioner Review

Hair Loss issues?

As of late, the growth of hair on my crowning glory has been quite slow and due to the harsh weather conditions, my hair fall has heightened at an alarming rate. Normally I wouldn't think twice of brushing my tresses ten times a day, but now I find myself reaching for the comb only when I think it is absolutely necessary.


A Modern Classic; Alain Delon AD25

Alain Delon AD25

Oozing charm, classic elegance and having a rather masculine demeanor, this limited edition timepiece from Alain Delon is nothing short of amazing. Always having had a personal bond with my watches as it plays such an important role in my daily routine, appointments and meetings, this particular one created a graceful yet strong appeal that emerges timeless and unphased.


Celebrating Mother's Day with The Body Shop Malaysia

Treat Mum Like a Queen this Mother's Day with The Body Shop

As Mother's Day approaches, I am pretty certain that some of you are already racking your brains on what to get for your mother on this special occasion. Flowers; check. Breakfast in bed; check. Now what else? New clothes, chocolates; maybe even a fancy dinner out with the family? Yeap, that might work.

Caudalie Boutique Spa Latest Face Mask Collection

At the Caudalie Boutique Spa at BSC

After being away from the keyboard in oh so long, I am excited to talk about French brand Caudalie; which has launched its first flagship store in Malaysia at Bangsar Shopping Center. Opening its doors earlier this year, the boutique showcases Caudalie's various skincare products; from sampling its bestsellers to having a personal experience and consultation with a Caudalie Vinotheraphist (via appointment basis).
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