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Getting to know Return Legacy

Return Legacy

When it comes to your health, it’s needless to say that all of us know that everything is about check and balance. Thus upon discovering Return Legacy as a solid mobilizer on our end, it is seen that good nutrition is a platform that consistently progresses to providing a real solution to growing epidemics.


Shopee | The perfect online companion for Buyers and Sellers

Going online with Shopee

As the year end beckons and comes to a close, its time to de-clutter that wardrobe and clean up the inventory. It is honestly amazing how many things can be collected over time and when these items are brand new, I would think that they would be deserving of a new home where they would be well loved and utilized.


Winter Holiday Look 2015 | Urban Decay X Gwen Stefani

Winter Holiday Look for 2015

Since it is the festive month, I thought it would be really great to put up something a little bit different from what was previously done before. Plus since it is nearing Christmas, I wanted to experiment with more blue hues; so hence with the Urban Decay X Gwen Stefani palette in hand, it was decided to go with a simple Winter Holiday Look for 2015.


Shiseido New White-Lucent Range (2015)

On trying out the range

If you have used the previous White Lucent range, you would know that the collection has legit credentials to back its claims. Now I am not talking about the amount of awards that the range has won or of on the endless descriptions at the back of the products, but rather this would be more steered to its results.


Endless Jewelry Launches in Malaysia

At Endless Jewelry

The beauty of accessories is truly an amazing thing and if you are the type who enjoys accentuating subtle yet elegant accents around the nape of your neck or on your delicate wrists, then Endless Jewelry is the one for you.


Experiencing Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics

Trying out the range

Back in the day when we were first exposed to Youngblood Cosmetics, it was stumbled upon on recommendation, and thus unconsciously not knowing how good their line was back then, we began using their Loose Mineral Foundation which in time and with no surprise became one of their best-sellers.


Cathy Doll Launches in Malaysia | Geisha Series

The Launch of Cathy Doll

So we have all come to know Cathy Doll from our online experiences on their virtual space and now with it's official brand launch on its range that has recently been brought into the Malaysian market, we can expect many different beauty and cosmetic products ranging from facial, body, makeup, perfume and more; all made easily affordable and accessible to Malaysian fans.


Knowing more about ECOTINT®

To know more about Ecotint

It is quite rare when I speak about topics that are unrelated to beauty and fashion, but the reason being for this post is that I feel that all of us should have a little more awareness when it comes to taking care of the vehicle that we drive in everyday.

Discovering Beauty Secrets with Natural By Watsons

Getting to know the reintroduction of Natural by Watsons

So the relaunch of Naturals by Watsons was held at the scenic KL bird park last week and going through all five ranges of Olive, Argan Oil, Blood Orange, Prestige Rose and Marula Oil, the reintroduction for this second edition was warmly welcomed as positive responds on the products range were already flooding in.


Catrice Autumn/Winter 2015

At the launch

With Catrice being in Malaysia for one full year,  we grown to love the brand and seeing that there has been rave reviews on their products both internationally and locally, we now come together to look at their latest Autumn / Winter 2015 Collections which was all out in full display this afternoon.


PINK by Pure Beauty

At PINK by Pure Beauty's Launch

The distribution of Pure Beauty in Malaysia is no stranger to us and as we are familiar with the brand and thus have spoken about the previous range before (link here), there is a new introduction from our beloved Korea's advanced innovation which is PINK by Pure Beauty.
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