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Top Ladies Fashion Watch Trends for 2017

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If you are interested in the latest top ladies fashion watch trends for 2017 then you are in the right place. Here are some of the more fashionable and luxurious watches to rock this year for any season that you would like.


Pupa Milano Spring 2017 | Pink Muse Limited Edition Collection

Pupa Milano's Spring 2017 Collection

Whenever a beauty brand puts together their Spring Line, I am always anticipating a lot of floral, soft pinks and a touch of neutral tones in between. So when Pupa Milano launched their limited edition Pink Muse Spring 2017 Collection, it was foreseen that it would be all of that and more, thus when we finally viewed it, it lived up to expectation.


A Cheek, A Kiss | Clarins Limited Edition Mother's Day Collection

The Limited Edition Duo

Mother's Day. The perfect occasion to shower our mums with lots of love and affection after all those years she has cared for us dearly, imperfections and all. Now I don't know about you, but when it comes to makeup, my mum adores products that are 2 in 1, not complicated to put on and has the great capacity of being a skincare product that brings benefits as well as being a great on the go makeup item at one go.


The Updated Addition | The Astalift White Bright Lotion

At the launch

Having been an avid user of the Jelly Aquarysta, I know that Fujifilm's Astalift is a brand that focuses on having great results, and that there is a lot of research that goes behind it. Now even though it is not a common skincare variety that you would be able to see around much (in fact there are only 3 counters available in the whole of Malaysia - (The Gardens, 1 Utama & KLCC) but if you would get to try out their range of products, you would know immediately what I mean.


Laneige's Waterful Sharing Campaign 2017

On Laneige's CSR Campaign

Making its 4th installation of its CSR campaign, Laneige's initiative which is the 'Waterful Sharing Campaign' resumes its 2016 efforts to provide clean water to the beneficiaries of Kampung Binjai, Pahang, Kampung Ulu Geruntum, Perak.


The Face Shop Moisture Touch Lipstick

The Moisture Touch Lipsticks

Now you guys know that when it comes to lip products, I hardly ever pull my punches. This is because I live and breathe for shades and formulation, thus if and when a product disappoints, you can be assured that I would be the first to tell you guys all about it.


Mamonde Rose Water Soothing Gel

Mamonde Rose Water Soothing Gel

There are just so many good products when it comes to Korean Beauty and I am not just specifying it to just makeup, but skincare too. Now I believe I have reviewed this beauty which is the Mamonde Rose Water Soothing Gel (retails at RM43.30) in the past, but seeing as it was quite a brief description of it, it would only be fair to give you all a full disclosure on how much I personally like this product.


Sally Hansen Moisture Rehab™ Overnight Nail Serum | The Nail Room

Introducing Sally Hansen's Moisture Rehab

So last week we headed down to the Nail Room to find out more about Sally Hansen's latest release which was the Moisture Rehab. Knowing that the brand always pushes boundaries with solid products like their Diamond Strength, Hard as Nails Hardener, Nail Growth Miracle (which I love) and more, we were certainly quite hyped for this particular launch, as the formulation for the moisture rehab focused on rejuvenating results for healthy and well hydrated nails.


Neutrogena Deep Clean | Happy Skin 24/7

Implementing a new skincare regime

My night time routine has been implemented with lots of cleansing products recently, but the one thing that I have always leaned on are hydrating products - or more specifically deep cleansing ones; just because the regime always gives my skin a more refreshed feel and I can head to bed without the worry of clogged pores.


Shiseido Synchro Skin Glow Luminizing Fluid Foundation SPF20

Following up on Shisiedo's latest release

Over the weekend, we were all set to explore Shiseido's latest foundation release, which was the Synchro Skin Glow Lumizing Fluid Foundation in SPF 20. It's a mouthful, I know but I was feeling a little amped up due to liking its predecessor which was the Synchro Skin Lasting Liquid Foundation, and having heard over the grapevine that this product gave a really nice luminosity to the skin that resulted in a natural finish, it certainly pegged my curiosity.
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