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Getting to know Return Legacy

Return Legacy

When it comes to your health, it’s needless to say that all of us know that everything is about check and balance. Thus upon discovering Return Legacy as a solid mobilizer on our end, it is seen that good nutrition is a platform that consistently progresses to providing a real solution to growing epidemics.


Shopee | The perfect online companion for Buyers and Sellers

Going online with Shopee

As the year end beckons and comes to a close, its time to de-clutter that wardrobe and clean up the inventory. It is honestly amazing how many things can be collected over time and when these items are brand new, I would think that they would be deserving of a new home where they would be well loved and utilized.


Winter Holiday Look 2015 | Urban Decay X Gwen Stefani

Winter Holiday Look for 2015

Since it is the festive month, I thought it would be really great to put up something a little bit different from what was previously done before. Plus since it is nearing Christmas, I wanted to experiment with more blue hues; so hence with the Urban Decay X Gwen Stefani palette in hand, it was decided to go with a simple Winter Holiday Look for 2015.


Shiseido New White-Lucent Range (2015)

On trying out the range

If you have used the previous White Lucent range, you would know that the collection has legit credentials to back its claims. Now I am not talking about the amount of awards that the range has won or of on the endless descriptions at the back of the products, but rather this would be more steered to its results.


Endless Jewelry Launches in Malaysia

At Endless Jewelry

The beauty of accessories is truly an amazing thing and if you are the type who enjoys accentuating subtle yet elegant accents around the nape of your neck or on your delicate wrists, then Endless Jewelry is the one for you.


Experiencing Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics

Trying out the range

Back in the day when we were first exposed to Youngblood Cosmetics, it was stumbled upon on recommendation, and thus unconsciously not knowing how good their line was back then, we began using their Loose Mineral Foundation which in time and with no surprise became one of their best-sellers.


Cathy Doll Launches in Malaysia | Geisha Series

The Launch of Cathy Doll

So we have all come to know Cathy Doll from our online experiences on their virtual space and now with it's official brand launch on its range that has recently been brought into the Malaysian market, we can expect many different beauty and cosmetic products ranging from facial, body, makeup, perfume and more; all made easily affordable and accessible to Malaysian fans.


Knowing more about ECOTINT®

To know more about Ecotint

It is quite rare when I speak about topics that are unrelated to beauty and fashion, but the reason being for this post is that I feel that all of us should have a little more awareness when it comes to taking care of the vehicle that we drive in everyday.

Discovering Beauty Secrets with Natural By Watsons

Getting to know the reintroduction of Natural by Watsons

So the relaunch of Naturals by Watsons was held at the scenic KL bird park last week and going through all five ranges of Olive, Argan Oil, Blood Orange, Prestige Rose and Marula Oil, the reintroduction for this second edition was warmly welcomed as positive responds on the products range were already flooding in.


Catrice Autumn/Winter 2015

At the launch

With Catrice being in Malaysia for one full year,  we grown to love the brand and seeing that there has been rave reviews on their products both internationally and locally, we now come together to look at their latest Autumn / Winter 2015 Collections which was all out in full display this afternoon.


PINK by Pure Beauty

At PINK by Pure Beauty's Launch

The distribution of Pure Beauty in Malaysia is no stranger to us and as we are familiar with the brand and thus have spoken about the previous range before (link here), there is a new introduction from our beloved Korea's advanced innovation which is PINK by Pure Beauty.


The World's First Estée Lauder's Beauty Playground

Experiencing Estée Lauder's #BeautyPlayground

Experiencing Estée Lauder's first ever Beauty Playground was an immense delight and while this concept store in Sunway Pyramid was the first in the world of its kind, it was one that promises the latest of the season, surrounded by elements of the current 'it' girl and face of Estée Lauder, who is Kendall Jenner.

*CLOSED* A Special Giveaway of a Pair of Exclusive Passes to “My Find the One Moment with Triumph” Fashion Showcase

So much yes this Christmas season

Alright ladies, I am going to make this feature as short and sweet as I possibly can as this basically consists of a wonderful giveaway for all of you this Christmas season. So to begin, with Triumph successfully fitting over 20,000 women across Malaysia, they will be throwing a huge celebration by hosting "My Find The One Moment With Triumph" from the 8th to the 13th of December 2015.


Kat Von D Mi Vida Loca Eyeshadow Palette : Swatches and Review

Kat Von D Mi Vida Loca

For all of you who are big fans of Kat Von D, you would probably know that she came up with a very unique palette for us this holiday season of 2015. Her stunning shades never disappoint and although her bright variants might take some getting used to, there is no doubt that her pigments and formulation are still pretty spot on.


Laura Mercier Matte-To-Metal Holiday Caviar Stick Colour Collection

The Laura  Mercier Matte-To-Metal Holiday Caviar Stick Colour Collection

Coming across the Laura Mercier Matte-To Metal Holiday Caviar Stick Color Collection while in Sephora two weeks back, I remember seeing two sets, one the In-the Glow Trio - Highlight 01 and this.

Innisfree Christmas Limited Edition Sets 2015

Innisfree Christmas Edition Sets

You guys know how much I rave about Innisfree and now with their Christmas Limited Edition Sets launched, it looks like the obsession will not be ending anytime soon. From fragrance sets, hand creams, best sellers, DIY kits to scented candles, Innisfree has a very vast spread, and this year, all these glorious Christmas sets are an absolute bang for your buck in every way.


Hits & Misses - 3CE

Stylendanda's Park Sora officiating the launch

With Korean makeup on the rise, it is really not surprising to see the hype and demand being brought into Sephora Malaysia. With 3CE's launch and it's brand ambassador Stylenanda's Park Sora officiating it about a month back, the crowd was immense and feedback on the brand was simply overwhelming.

Joico 40th Anniversary Hair Show X The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2

Joico's 40th Anniversary

Earlier last month Joico celebrates its 40th anniversary with a brand new campaign that was set up as a spectacular hair show at Zouk KL. Many hairstyles were showcased but if you had seen the previous teaser posts that was done on Facebook and Instagram, you would know that the biggest attraction of the night was none other than Joico's International Guest Artistes; Cherry Petenbrink and Chad Demchuk.

The solution to fuller and textured hair - Percy & Reed Wonder Balm

On healthy and shinier strands

So I have been having a lot of questions on my hair recently and no it is not about the colors that I have donned in the past but rather on the thickness and fullness that my strands have currently been experiencing.


The Body Shop Christmas 2015 Collection

The Body Shop Christmas Collection 2015

Every year when The Body Shop introduces their holiday season sets, it is anticipated that much is to be expected from the lot. This year of course begins with seasonal gifting and part of it goes hand in hand with the international charity called WaterAid.


The Body Shop Moisture White Bright Compact Foundation

The Body Shop Moisture White Bright Compact Foundation

It seems to me that compact foundations are slowly taking the world by storm and although I think I have mentioned this statement more than just a couple of times but it seems to ring true for everywhere I look, more and more brands seem to be coming out with more compact, easy to use, foundations.

The Ultrasonic Platinum Treatment at 76 Style

The new addition

It has been my knowledge that when it comes to nourishment for your hair, your strands would need the very best. There have been many treatments that we have seen that have come and gone in multiple hair salons but the latest Ultrasonic Platinum Treatment by 76 Style which was launched a couple of months ago is rather prominent and thus by view and experience is here to stay.


Bourjois Air MAT 24 Hour Wear Foundation

The Bourjois Air MAT 24 Hour Wear Foundation

This review has since been pending over the weekend and I honestly wished that I had written about this so much more sooner for you guys, because this is an all-time love. I honestly didn’t expect to like this Bourjois Air MAT so much as it is a mattifying foundation but to my surprise, the formulation, application and the long wear of this was completely on point and totally blew me away.

Clarins New Tri-Active Facials Launching in January 2016

Clarins New Tri-Active Facials

When we talk facials, you may think of extractions, steaming, soothing music, hot tea and hydration masks. Well there is definitely more than just that and hence when Clarins introduced to us their new Tri-Active Facial Treatments which will only be launching in January 2016, we couldn't be more excited for them.


Malaysia Fashion Week 2015 Galaxy Runway Inspired by Star Wars

The runway

With the Malaysian Fashion Week come and gone, fans were at the edge of their seats during the closing due to the fact that this fabulously galaxy runway was widely inspired by the upcoming Star Wars film - The Force Awakens that releases on December 17th.


MONKI SS16 Collection

At Monki's SS16 Preview (Debbie Coat - RM280)

It looks like there will be more things to look forward to next year folks, for Swedish fashion retail, Monki will be launching their new Spring/Summer 2016 line come next January 1st. This new collection portrays a 90's style with an adaptation of a spacey vibe and is thematically retro futuristic in sorts.


Trippin’ it up in Pattaya, Thailand with Air Asia

Collaborator's Post | Pattaya Thailand

On the stay at Pattaya, Thailand

Travelling is something I have always enjoyed, and recently I was offered the lovely opportunity to travel to Pattaya, Thailand under Pen My Blog, and it was an astounding experience, with many sights to see. Air Asia travels 4 times a week (Mon, Wed, Fri, Sun) to and fro Pattaya, so do check out their offerings via


Bring on the bling with Benefit Cosmetics & Jared Bailey

At the Benefit Brunch

With Deepavali and Christmas just around the corner, one calls into question on what sort of stunning outfits and accessories you are going to be decked with on those special days. Nails, makeup and hair has to be on point because you will be going around visiting your loved ones plus looking your best during these stunning festivities is; as one might say it, not by choice but by necessity.


SevenFriday Series V Launch

At the launch

So two days ago we sat down in Elagantology to witness the launch of the SevenFriday V Series. If you guys have us on Snapchat, you would would have probably seen the full preview of the range already.

Nonetheless to bring the series to you in further detail, these Swiss designed timepieces have been around since 2012, hence with its great success over the years, the brand has proudly announce its new series V along with distribution partner Red Army Watches.


Shiseido Holiday Sets 2015

On Shiseido's Holiday Collection

It seems like only yesterday we started off the new year of 2015 and fast-tracking to a couple of months later, the holiday season is upon us. Christmas decorations are already being shuffled in and out of stores, counters being redecorated, festive cards being bought and thus, now we know that our shopping mayhem is going to begin.


The Face Shop's Oil Control Water Cushion, Ink Graffi Pen Liner, Mascara & Ink Lipquid

The Makeup Range from The Face Shop

Originating from KoreaThe Face Shop is known to many and in terms of introduction, the brand focuses on natural products originating from nature with its variety ranging from its skincare line to makeup.

So today we are going to be focusing on its makeup range, thus we have four products from the brand which we are going to explore with. Of course the highlight of the collection would be its latest which is its oil control water cushion which launched in September, so we are going to kick things up a notch starting with that.


Getting Cashback with Zalora and Expedia with ShopBack

On Travelling, Fashion and Online ShoppingG

Call it every girl's dream. You browse through selections online, pick the ones that you like, click that purchase button and receive cashback within 48 hours. Like seriously, how is this even possible?

I honestly thought this bit of heaven was just a whole bunch of hocum when I first heard of it for more often than not when you browse through stuff like this online, you would usually brush it off with a mere pfft. However after doing some research and experiencing it on my own, I was pleasantly surprised with the outcome.


H&M X Balmain Collection

With Balmain X H&M Collection's Leather Clutch - RM499

Usually when H&M comes out with a collaboration every end year, the collection gets snapped up in a flash. With lines queuing 2 days before the actually launch date (just like the Alexander Wang selection), it is highly anticipated their latest, which is the Balmain X H&M Collection is going to be next.


Scholl's Limited Edition Pink Velvet Smooth

On Scholl's Limited Edition Pink Velvet Smooth

Get ready to doll yourself up in pink and dance with those pretty feet ladies and gents for this month is for Breast Cancer Awareness. A lot of brands have been showing great support for this wonderful cause and I am very pleased to say that Scholl is standing proudly amongst them.


DocLab's Korea Face Ampoules Review

Applying DocLab Korea Face Ampoules

Sometimes while travelling, your skin is exposed to different conditions and hence the reaction that it gets often varies from country to country. Now as you all know, I have been struggling with dry skin textures and an extra boost is always needed whenever my skin is stripped for moisture.


Shaun's Hair Studio Post Care Tips and Tricks (Bleach or Dyed Hair)

With Shaun's Hair Studio Creative Director and Leading Stylist Shaun Cheong

Today we sit down with Shaun's Hair Studio star director and leading stylist Shaun Cheong to find out what goes on behind the magic of his bold streaks, multi platinum rainbow colors and trendy hairstyles.


Shu Uemura X Maison Kitsuné

Shu Uemura X Maison Kitsuné

Teaming up with French fashion house Maison Kitsuné, it looks like Shu Uemura has another winner on their hands. This time round their 2015 Holiday Collection evolves around a fusion of Japanese and French, a mixture that has been influenced by the walks of Paris and Tokyo that reinvents the classics with a variety of colors prints and materials.


L'Oreal Mat Magique BB Essence, Veil and Miss Manga False Lash Review

Big anime eyes anybody?

Seems to me like the manga look has been trending for quite while now and if you would want smooth clear skin and those big anime eyes (shiny, sparkles and all), let's read on. Introducing three new products from L'Oreal from its Mat Magique range, I am going to go ahead and teach you how to get a little flashy with minimum makeup.


Indeed Labs Fillume Volumizing Serum for Dry Skin

My routine with Indeed Labs Fillume Volumizing Serum

Being on the constant look out for good hydrating products, I often have to be on my toes when a new serum comes out. Having dry skin is really not a good thing for the face and with my skin loosing all form of density and elasticity due to the lack of moisture, I often have to deal with thinning textures and wincing at emerging veins whenever I look at my face.


Sephora Holiday Collections 2015

At the preview

With Christmas coming through, it is definitely going to be a jolly season at Sephora Malaysia. Having a sneak preview at all the latest holiday collections that are going to be launched last week, we also discovered that four new brands will also be joining our global beauty retail chain, Sephora this coming end year.


Charles & Keith New Concept Store Unveils its Fall/ Winter 2015 Collection

Charles & Keith 

Ever since Charles & Keith opened its doors to Malaysia in July 2008, our relationship with them in terms of footwear and bags have grown to be tremendous. Seeing that I myself have a assorted array of shoes, my love affair with them have been nothing short of amazing as they have been very good to me for the last couple of years.


NARS opens in KLCC | Introduces its Audacious Mascara and Kohliner

Trying out the NARS Audacious Mascara

This month, NARS Cosmetics brings you to its first flagship store in KLCC with the introduction of its latest Audacious Mascara and Kohliner. Released for this Fall 2015, these two products has been solidified in the hearts of many and is rooted to bringing bigger and brighter eyes for all.


Innisfree Sparkling Mineral Range Beauty Picnic

All about Innisfree Sparkling Mineral Line

Alright ladies and gents, time to listen up because today we are going to be talking about the innate Korean au-natural beauty brand, Innisfree. Plus for all of you who are looking for a good, hydrating and affordable skincare range, I am very, very pleased to announce that Innisfree has officially launched its very specific line called the Jeju Sparkling Mineral Range that uses carbonic hot spring water as its main element.


Going grey with Olaplex at Shaun's Hair Studio

"My hair color is a form of identity"

Being excited over hair color is the one thing that truly keeps me up at night. I was very used to my standard black strands for more over a decade and after being devastatingly bored of them at one point, I began pouring through tons of glossy magazines and online features before deciding to change up my entire look to being a redhead.


Guinness Celebrates 50 Years in Malaysia

Guinness 50 year celebration

To all you beautiful people who love art and design, Guinness has unveiled three limited-edition designs for its Foreign Extra Stout bottles and cans to mark the 50 iconic years of Guinness being brewed in Malaysia.


Shu Uemura Launches Rouge Unlimited Sheer Shine Lipstick

The Re-opening at KLCC

The power play of makeup takes central focus in Shu Uemura once again and this season ladies, it has got to do with your lips. The upcoming launch of the much awaited Rouge Unlimited Sheer Shine Lipstick has finally touched base at Shu Uemura's store in KLCC and today we had a quick sneak peak at the products and all the goodness that it had to offer.


Shiseido Launches Autumn/Winter 2015 Collection with Full Lash Volume Mascara

Shiseido A/W Collection 2015

The season of chilled tones and nude variations have finally come out to play and conjuring inner confidence in the modern global woman every day, Shiseido launches its new Autumn/Winter 2015 makeup line together with its star product of the season, the Full Lash Volume Mascara.

Peranakan Hi-Tea Buffet at Estadia by Hatten

Estadia by Hatten

For those of you are heading to Melaka on a weekend getaway or for a short trip, its time to take a look at what Estadia by Hatten has to offer. Now I have spoken about Estadia before in my previous post so if you would like to take a look at this beautifully themed Peranakan Hotel, do click here for more details.


Black Paint First Opening at AEON, One Utama

At the launch

Opening its doors to welcome the crowd is the 7-time Winner of Grand Gold Medal of Monde Selection Award - Black Paint that has made its first opening at it Black Paint Counter in AEON Shopping Centre at One Utama.


The Kuala Lumpur International Comedy Festival 2015

The KLICFest 2015 Press Conference

They say that life is always better when you are laughing, thus bringing us the very first Kuala Lumpur International Comedy Festival 2015 (KLICFest2015) is none other than the Godfather of Stand Up Comedy himself, Harith Iskander.
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