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Why You Should Know About LookFantastic | Beauty Box

LookFantastic's Beauty Box

It has been awhile since we have last reviewed a good beauty box, and here we have in hand the UK edition of LookFantastic. Now LookFantastic is the original online British beauty boutique that was founded in 1996 and they are Europe's number 1 retailer for skincare, beauty and more.

Sweet Violet & Grapefruit Hydrating Mist Limited Edition by Jurlique

On the Hydrating Mist

Being one who has always been championing facial mists from way back when, I absolutely love it when I am able to come across a fresh new product in the beauty industry that works to my liking.

With regards to facial mists, this is something that I consider as an essential because it is a beauty product that I bring with me on the go at all times, and whenever I can, I stock it up as much as possible as I tend to finish a bottle within a mere 3 months.


Skechers™ Opens It Largest City Outlet At IPC Shopping Centre

Skechers at IPC Shopping Centre

To all our sports and footwear junkies out there, Skechers™ USA has finally opened its brand new City Outlet at the recently renovated IPC Shopping Centre at Mutiara Damansara.

This space covers 6,600 square feet, showcases the latest collection of wearables (including the Skechers™ lifestyle and performance collection for Men, Women and Kids) and is also known as the largest store of its kind in the whole region of Southeast Asia.


Knowing more about Dr.Wu | Beauty Workshop

At the event

Over the past week, we attended a beauty workshop conducted by none other than Taiwan's number 1 clinical skincare brand extraordinaire Dr.Wu. A little backstory if you are unfamiliar is that the brand was founded in 2003 by well respected dermatologists, and has now expanded to 8 countries, including Malaysia.


Aperio's Hair Defense Leave In Conditioner | Yay or Nay?

Whenever it comes to new releases in the beauty market, whether it is in terms of hair care, makeup, skincare and more, we find that it is always best to give the products a go for a minimum of two weeks, look at the results and thus share them out with all of you on the platform.


By Terry The Preciosity Holiday Collection 2017

Now the latest Christmas launch from the cult makeup line By Terry, seems to be taking the beauty world by storm; and rightfully so, because their Holiday Collection for 2017 has certainly got plenty of tongues wagging ever since its release.


Caudalie's Christmas Collection 2017

The Caudalie's Christmas Preview 2017

This year, French skincare brand Caudalie has presented one of the most wonderful gift sets for 2017 and if you are looking for value in the holiday sets that you intend to purchase for your friends and loved ones for this Christmas, then this brand would honestly be right up your alley.


Tips & Tricks to Selecting the Perfect Bouquet for Your Loved Ones

On Selection

Beauty is one thing, but when it is time to get down and romantic for your other half, here are some tips and tricks on how to select the right type of gifts (or in which in this we mean bouquet) for your loved ones.


Audio Wants with Harman International

The Launch

To all our audio enthusiasts out there, it is time to listen up for HARMAN International has now launched numerous new models of their portable speakers, headphones, home audio and soundbar under JBL, Harman Kardon and AKG.


A Touch of Convenience with the Philips EasyTouch Plus Garment Steamer | Review

The Philips EasyTouch Plus Garment Steamer

Parenting takes up a lot of time. Sometimes, more than we would even think. So when I am in the midst of doing household chores, I would always tend to look for products that would be able to make the process a little easier; whether it would be a bit quicker, or slightly simpler.

Diptyque opens its very first boutique in Pavilion Mall | Winter 2017 Collection

On the Collective

If you are ever in search of Diptyque's 1st boutique in the SEA, it is not too hard of a find. Located on the 3rd floor of Pavilion Mall, the store welcomes you with gleaming wide glass doors along with two ample ones at the side that form a diptych in which the brand is named.


Your Cup of Tea? | Follow Me Green Tea's Haircare Variant

The Range by Follow Me

A newly reformulated hair care range has reached our desk recently, and after giving them a go over the past couple of weeks, its about time that we have a sit down and discuss about them on the platform.


Neutrogena Capsule Sleeping Mask vs the Hydrogel Mask

On Masks

Since it has been awhile we have last spoken about masks, let's have a sit down and talk about them for a bit. Ever since the weather has been a bit unruly as of late, we find that our skin textures have been called into question as of how dry or even how patchy they have been.


The Starter BodyCare Kids Kit For New Parents | Tanamera

The Tanamera Children's Range

As most of you already know, I am an avid fan of Tanamera products. Reason being, is because they all stem from natural ingredients, have reasonable price points and are extremely effective. In the past, I have also written an entire entry about them as well on their launching of their Hibiscus range; and as splendid as their products were and still are to me, I am pleased to say that their children range are all the more better.

Mamonde Announces "Flowers For Me" Holiday Collective 2017

Mamonde Holiday 2017

Mamonde has finally announced its holiday themed collection, and its focal point as you might have guessed, is all about flowers! With Christmas just about to come at hand in December, Mamonde has curated beautiful holiday sets, one that has been packaged in beautifully designed boxes, and are printed with vibrant graphics of the Mamonde Garden in harmony with butterflies and birds.


The Body Shop Christmas 2017 | Show Your Game Face

The Mask Sampler Set

There is a lot to be excited for this winter season, what with brands releasing their beautiful Christmas Collections; but for one of them which we are particularly geared up about, is The Body Shop, because when they make the launch for their holiday line, you know that it is going to be an absolute hit.

Nigella Therapy Launches in Malaysia

At the launch

Yesterday we attended the launch of Nigella Therapy, and for those of you who are unfamiliar with the brand, they are a skin care range that is exclusively brought to Malaysia by RoyalePharma, a community pharmacy of Pharmaniaga Berhad.


Marina De Bourbon Paris Cristal Royal Rose | Fresh & Floral

The Cristal Royal Rose

Over the last week, we had the opportunity to experience Princesse Marina De Bourbon Paris latest fragrance release at Sasa called the Cristal Royal Rose. The bottle which was inspired by French Manufacturers from the Palace of Versailles, Masters of Crystal features a transparent and faceted glass as its package that shines in beams of crystalline light.

Melvita's New Flagship Concept Store in Suria KLCC

During the event

To all our KL beauty goers, its time to gear up for the wonderful skincare brand Melvita has now opened a brand new concept store in KLCC. Keeping true to the brand's theme, 'The World of Bees', along with nature filled leaves and greens that make Melvita the organic brand that it is today, new elements have also been added to bring an even better organic beauty experiences to all.


The Luxury Wellness Edit | Phillip Wain

At Phillip Wain

Phillip Wain has been classified as one of the most well-known, all around premium fitness, health and beauty centers in KL, and while we have certainly seen plenty of these up and around the public space, there is one significant aspect that sets it apart from all the rest. It caters only to women.


Hariz Halton | Distinctive, Premium and Exceptional

The Hariz Halton Wallet

There is just something about Japanese wallet designs that make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Plus when their merchandising patterns are merged with Italian and American designers, the element of style, modernity and elegance is thus raised, hence having its quality and innovation much appreciated even more.


Baby Care Highlights from Claire Organics

On Claire Organics

When it comes to your child, being selective in terms on what they use daily becomes your routine. From skincare, toiletries, to even pieces of clothing are now completely up to you, and thus being new at it, you are then exposed to these huge selections of baby products where pin pointing out the best which is suitable and comfortable for you and your child becomes your number one priority.


Astute Clinic Personalized Skincare Products & Why They Are So Good

On Astute Clinic's In-House Products

Earlier this month, we were introduced to Astute Clinic, which is a state of the art clinic that delivers effective results with cutting edge technology and non-invasive cosmetic procedures. This place has a strong focus on anti-aging and even has their own in-house skincare line that is exclusive to the its own clinic and even more so, it is personally developed by it's founder of the clinic and leading Doctor in the specialized field of Aesthetic Medicine, Dr Jason Yip.


Ultimate Hydration | True or False with Hada Labo's Premium Cream

The Hada Labo Premium Cream

Supplying our skin with hydration and anti-aging products seems to be climbing to the number 1 priority for skincare as we get on with age. However not all ranges can assist well to it for moisturization to the skin can be a tricky business; where too little of it has near to no effect and too much of it can cause oil seeds or sometimes even blemishes to pop out time and again.


A Cult Face Cream that is actually worth the hype | Senteurs Du Sud

On Face Creams

Having used face creams on a regular basis, I tend to be a little selective when it comes to choosing the types that I would then implement into my daily skincare regime.

However the one thing I think all of us can agree on is when an effective product comes at an affordable price tag, we would all be for it, for not only does it benefit our skin in the long run, but the affordability of it all also grants us to maintain the regime, thus allowing us make a repurchase of the product without having to think twice due to the price point.


Triumph Launches Malaysia's 1st Mobile Fitting Lab

At Triumph's Mobile Fitting Lab

Looks like we have something exciting coming up for you all this weekend, for Triumph Malaysia is now proud to announce its first ever Mobile Fitting Lab in Malaysia. Set to revitalize the fitting and lingerie participation for every woman, it gives the unique yet convenient setting to give all customers a fun and unique experience for the perfect fit with no hassle at all.


Japan's First Skincare Solutions for Sensitive Asian Skin | Curél

On Curél

When it comes to sensitive skin, the first thing that one looks for in a skincare product are the two main keywords; 'safe' and 'effective'.

Reason being is because while there are indeed certain concerns  of hyper-reactivity going on around the face, corrective products tend to be a bit potent and hence quite strong on their own, and thus may cause inflamed side effects that can be harmful and rough to the skin. Such discomfort can result in roughness, dryness, irritation, itching and redness.


#BreakTheSilence with Betadine x MAKNA in October

On the product

This October is Breast cancer Awareness month, and thus in conjunction with it, Betadine® Feminine Wash is in full support of the National Cancer Council Malaysia (MAKNA) to #breakthesilence to help more Malaysian women become more aware of cancer prevention.


The Launch of Ergobaby's OMNI 360 | #INMYERGO


It is now the month of October and thus in conjunction with Babywearing Month, Ergobaby is empowering parents to have the freedom to go about their day with fun activities with the help of a baby carrier.

The 'I Can Do Anything #INMYERGO' social media campaign is an empowering global campaign using content generated from parents enjoying their parenting journey using baby carriers and is aimed to celebrate the big and small adventures of parenting anytime of any day.


Why You Would Want To Use Paid Social Media Screening Services

On Social Media

Just about everybody is using social media to share their lives with the world, which is why employers are utilizing it to judge a person's character. Job interviews are full of fake smiles and lies, so many employers will use social media screening services in order to tell if a person is truly of good character. Consider some of the reasons below to try out a social media background check service.


What you need to know about Laneige's Holiday Collection 2017 | Delights, Pop!

Laneige Delights, Pop! Collection

Okay you guys, the holiday season is near, and we have some new cheer from Laneige with their upcoming release of their latest collection called Laneige Delights, Pop! The feature of this range is glammed up with fun, glittery packaging designed with a shower of colorful confetti and is certainly a delight for this season's most beautiful parties.


Take your homegrown brand to an international level | COSMOPROF Worldwide Bologna

At the conference

Alright everyone, I need you to take a deep breath, sit down and listen closely to what we have to share today.  Over the past week, you might have seen our Instagram stories relating to an international beauty network called Cosmoprof.


Clarins opens its world's first retail kiosk | IOI City Mall Putrajaya

Clarins Kiosk

Recently, French luxury beauty brand Clarins opened its world's first retail kiosk in IOI City Mall that is focused immensely on clientele experience. Within, it has a floor space of 600 square feet, a 360 approach to beauty and is located on the Ground Level of the mall.


Nature Smart K-Beauty Store | Beyond Body Care

On Beyond

We have been having great admiration for Korean beauty for some time now and having a huge beauty store within our midst that houses all of the brands under one roof is just too good not to share!


Lift and Refresh with Laneige's New Time Freeze Line

Laneige's New Time Freeze Line

For those of you who are a huge fans of Korean Beauty brand Laneige, the brand has upgraded its Time Freeze range, which rejuvenates the skin with nourishment and resilience to retain the vibrancy of youth. With its new Time Freeze Essence EX (40ml) and the Time Freeze Intensive Cream EX (50ml) , these products are focused to help to enhance the elasticity and moisture content of the skin for a youthful outlook with enduring suppleness.


Effective and Affordable Skincare Gels | My Fav Recipe by NeuLa

On Skincare Gels

Alright everyone, it is officially the start of the first week of October and before anyone goes around dressing their face up with Halloween makeup, lets begin ours with three good skincare products - that after a good couple of weeks of usage has assisted my skin quite well.


Jurlique Restoring Body Lotion | Moisturizing or Not?

On Jurlique

Recently I have been amplifying my use of body care, and lotions have been one of my purposed favorites. Reason being is because the weather has not been very forgiving lately, and dry patches have been far more visible than most. So with result of that, I find that having cream textured lotions around have proven to be very helpful to the skin.


Updated | Kose Sekkisei Herbal Gel | Yes or No?

The Kose Sekkisei Herbal Gel

Now every few months or so, I go through my skincare stash just to see what I have at hand, but more or less it is purely with the intention of refreshing my skincare regime with something new. You would find that I am always interchanging in between serums, toners and cleansers, but the most that I would often switch back and forth with are always without a doubt my moisturizers.


Mamonde's New Brightening Cover Powder and Watery Cushions

The new brightening cushions from Mamonde

Sometime during the last week, we received a package from Mamonde, containing their two new Brightening Cover Cushions, one in powder texture and the other in watery formulation. Both cater to suit different skin needs and come in two tones, one in No21N Medium Beige and No.21C Medium Peach.


A Halal Mascara You Should Take A Look At | Zahara Cosmetics

Zahara Cosmetics

Being one that struggles with sparse lashes all the time, let me be the one to tell you that having a voluminous mascara at hand, is very helpful on my end. After all, if a mascara can make my lashes all the more curlier and fanned out, I would be all for it.


Sephora Brand Highlights | Fenty Beauty

Sephora Highlights | Fenty Beauty

Fenty Beauty was pretty much one of the most anticipated brands to come into Sephora this year and during its launched date, we found out that its founder, Rihanna had released a wide spectrum of 40 shades of foundation with the line that completely blew us away.


7 Cool Ways You Can Use THE FACE SHOP The Therapy First Serum

The Therapy First Serum

It has been over a year since THE FACE SHOP Therapy First Serum was released, and after months of utilizing it to its fullest, I have come to be more and more impressed by its effectiveness after each use.


Veggie Haircare | The Body Shop

The new range

After much anticipation, The Body Shop has finally come out with their new, cruelty-free, 100% vegan and natural hair-care range. Seeing as this release was highly awaited for by many, this hair-care collection is a good addition to the brand's existing skincare and bath products; plus with the finest ingredients of natural oils, butter and purees, all of its formulas are also 100% veggie and vegan as well.


Natural by Watsons | Collaborator's Pick

At the launch

Since Natural by Watsons first launched in 2011, it has changed so much in terms of the packaging and the upgraded formulation. One thing remained the same, which is what they believe in- Natural by Watsons, chosen from the finest natural essentials to help you grow lovelier and healthier.


H&M Autumn Winter 2017 | Urban Sophistication

The Autumn Winter 2017 Collection

For this year's H&M Autumn Winter Women's Collection, we have street meets sophistication for their Studio Womanswear. This includes artful graffiti prints mixed in effortlessly with menswear checks, while strong tailoring combines feminine silhouettes for a powerful yet charming vibe.


Laneige Meets Fashion 2017 | Laneige X YCH

Laneige X YCH Collection

Whenever Laneige comes up with a collaboration, you know for a fact that it is going to be good. Thus with the Laneige Meets Fashion Line for 2017, this new limited edition line teams up with Korea's up and coming designer Yoon Choon Ho who has been internationally acclaimed and established in Korea, Hong Kong, China, Canada and the United States.


Balancing Work, Life and Motherhood

At the event

I always found that having a good personal and work life balance is essential to our daily routine, and recently upon the arrival of my little girl, it has been admittedly getting a little challenging to follow through consistently at times.


Braun Büffel 130th Anniversary Celebration | The Büffel Art Project

Celebrating Braun Büffel's 130th Year Anniversary

In conjunction with Braun Büffel's 130th Anniversary milestone, the brand launched its Büffel Art Project in Malaysia from the 30th of August to the 3rd of September at the Centre Court of Suria KLCC. This was to raise funds and awareness in benefit of UNICEF and the Southeast Asia Primary Learning Metrics (SEA-PLM) Assessment Program.


Jurlique 10th Concept Store | New Product Releases

The New Concept Store

Yesterday we celebrated Jurlique's 10th concept store in Malaysia, and if you are unfamiliar with this Australian brand, the first thing to know about it is that it has been around the beauty market for over 30 years and thus prided itself in producing natural skincare.


Wet N Wild Megalast Liquid Catsuit | Yay or Nay?

On finding long lasting matte shades

Now I love a good matte lip, but most of which that are within my collection often do not have the staying power that is desired and hence I find that after most meals, would wear off and thus would need reapplication once again.
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