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Daebak Ghost Pepper Cheese Now Available at 7-Eleven

To all our readers who enjoy all things spicy, let us let you in on a new offering at 7-Eleven; for the long awaited Daebak Ghost Pepper Cheese edition has now been released to its stores. Now this launch was due to the overwhelming response to its Daebak Ghost Pepper Combo pack last October, and this new fan favourite makes a satisfying delicacy that is well suited towards the Malaysian taste buds.



There is just something about clean beauty that has always been appealing to us, and homegrown Malaysian brand, Herlovito gives us exactly that. Focusing its beauty line in a clean, vegan, eco-friendly and sustainable way, the brand has 3 fun loving products in its midst that we are going to talk about today which is its hair oil, blemish serum and its popular best seller; its lip balm.



Now that most of us are being at home, it is always good to remember to do some self care; even just by taking care of the simplest things like your lips, by keeping them well moisturised so they stay soft and supple all day long.



It has been awhile since we have come across a good vegan matte lipstick, and so when Orkid Cosmetics came across our radar, we were definitely intrigued to give it a go.

Now this particular Matte Suede formulation has been around for a while and while the brand is a local Malaysian cosmetic brand that is halal, 100% cruelty free and vegan, this collection was launched back in 2017 and had around 10 + shades in total. Thus the 4 shades that you see here are the new additions, and with that, comes in the shades Dime, Blush, Vibes and Slay.


Jewellery Care: Tips for Various Types of Jewellery

Jewellery has long been an integral part of all societies and that isn’t likely to change any time soon. As these beautiful accessories contain precious stones and metals, they are high value pieces and should therefore be given lots of TLC. Here are a few jewellery-care tips to help you keep your collection clean and looking good.


Nescafe Rebrands its Local Coffee Drinks to Kopitiam Series While Unveiling Two New Variants

Alright you guys, Nescafe Ready To Drink brings all things Malaysian with the rebranding of its local coffee drinks to the Nescafe Kopitiam Series and the introduction of two new variants, the Nescafe Kopi-C and Nescafe Kopi Cham.


Plant Origins by Signature Market Aromatherapy Bluetooth Diffuser Review

If any of you are into Aromatherapy, its time to listen up because Plant Origins by Signature Market has recently released a brand new launch, which is its Plant Origins Aromatherapy Bluetooth Diffuser (500ml). Also, a little backstory to the brand if you don't already know, is that Plant Origins is an eco-friendly brand and it focuses its range on natural home and body care products that are fully plant based with natural fragrances.


SOMEBYMI's AHA BHA PHA 30 Days Miracle Acne Clear Foam & Miracle Toner Review

The rise of K-beauty products in the skincare and makeup industry has been rather significant within the last two years, and with this let me introduce to you all one of their top k-beauty prime brands which is called SOMEBYMI.

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