Invest In Your Skin With Beautine

The basics of skincare always goes back to the items that we utilise on our skin, and while it is a common practice to use every day face or bath towels for it, there always tends to be the risk of our skin being exposed to various forms of bacteria which at the end of the day can result in skin problems.


Starbucks Malaysia Raya Favourites 2020

With the latest COVID-19 pandemic sparking a national Movement Control Order (MCO), Starbucks has released some of its Raya favourites as well as its gifting opportunities raging from a line of beverages and merchandise.


Advanced Protection with AcéMD & Why You Should Know More About It

So we all know that with the recent global pandemic of Covid-19, there has been a demand surge for Hand Sanitizers, Masks, Wet Wipes and such. However, it has also come to the attention of many from the public that certain suppliers have also been increasing their revenue by marking up their price points for these products as well.


Budget Friendly Fashion Finds

It has definitely been awhile since we have last discussed and spoken about budget friendly finds, so today's topic is going to be covering some fashion favourites and key pieces that we have come across and taken a shine to during this MCO period.


NESTLÉ LACTOGROW® Celebrates International Day of Happiness by its ‘GROW HAPPY’ Campaign

Alright you guys, we have some wonderful news for you! In conjunction with International Day of Happiness, NESTLÉ LACTOGROW® is currently having their 'Grow Happy' campaign!


Paul Immigrations Reviews | Your Guide to Achieving Singapore PR

Now are you the sort who has been living in Singapore for a couple of years on a work permit, and you wonder what’s next? After all, all those years of CPF funds that you could have possibly saved have now become a missed opportunity. As you would know, these are some of the concerns that aspiring Permanent Residence applicants have asked, or more so those who have probably tried the application process themselves but were unsuccessful due to some missteps in the procedure. Hence as to why, this is where Paul Immigrations comes in to fill the gaps for a smooth and hassle- free PR application. So first off, who is Paul Immigrations you ask? Well to put it simply, they are an immigration consultancy firm that specializes in the application of Singapore PR. Thanks to the expertise and knowledge of their consultants, they have thus maintained a high success rate over the years since 2016. The firm is based in Singapore.



Alright you guys, here is something fun to kickstart the week. Jack 'n Jill Roller Coaster is launching a FUN-TASTIC day campaign to thank Malaysians for being awesome snackers. Now the idea behind this launch is to simply 'spread the fun, spread the gifts'' by encouraging everyone to share the enjoyment and keep the fun rolling. Hence the best way to do it is having a dedicated celebration to simply have fun while snacking on the amazingly yummy and fabulous flavoured potato rings.


My Beaute Village Opens in Pavilion Kuala Lumpur

This February 2020, My Beaute Village has officially launched it 6th outlet at the 1st floor in Pavillion Kuala Lumpur. Having a total retail space of 1,300 soft which we have to say is pretty huge, the location has been designed to meet the beauty needs of today's generation.


Celebrating CNY at DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel KL

As we all know, Chinese New Year is the occasion to spend some quality time with family, friends and loved ones. It also promises a fresh start for prosperity, success and fortune as well. Plus for this Lunar New Year, DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel KL also will be having an all day dining buffet at its restaurant, Makan Kitchen from 20th of January to the 8th of February 2020.



To ring in Chinese New Year, Fahrenheit88 is now celebrating their 'Bloom In Beauty' from the 4th of January to the 9th of February 2020. Inspired by beautiful peonies that symbolises femininity and peace, pink peonies also further represent luck and fortune. Thus during this festive occasion, you can now discover beauty from a host of incredible makeup and skincare brands at the newly opened, largest Sephora in Malaysia and Play Up Advance; and to look great from head to toe to welcome the New Year.


Celebrity-Inspired Jewellery Trends To Consider

Celebrities begin trends and fashions that many people follow, whether with clothing or accessories like jewellery, and if you would like to know what jewellery the A- Listers are wearing this year, here are a few pointers.


UHU Drives the Market with Innovative Products for Creativity and Everyday Solving Essentials

Over the last month, Faber-Castell Malaysia recently had introduced UHU's latest innovative products, with each targeting at a specific usage and target market. Plus with its latest expansion into the extreme repair adhesive product category, UHU now commands a significant market share in the Malaysian retail adhesive market.


De-stressing your skin with The Face Shop's Green Natural Seed Antioxidant Range

Recently I have been feeling very overwhelmed due to the holiday season, and with a lot of things in life, stress is beginning to look like the main suspect as to why my skin has been digressing lately. Now there are other factors that do contribute to this of course like lack of sleep, loss of appetite and even sometimes having frequent headaches, but there does come a time where I do need to take a step back and really evaluate on how I do things and thus change my lifestyle for the better.
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