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Shizen's Lip Tattoo Review

Shizen's Lip Tattoo

Being one of the upcoming cosmetics and skincare companies in Malaysia,beauty brand Shizens is known for their cosmetic and skincare line; enriched with natural ingredients that are carefully selected from different parts of the world.

Extending a comprehensive range for beauty, Shizens offers us it's star product which is its Lip Tattoo that relieves crack lips and fine lines with the added benefit of bringing moisture together with the capacity of reducing dark pigmentation surrounding the lips.


Wear Your Story with MilkyB

The Launch of MilkyB

Bringing the daring, the the unique and the adventurous all in one go might seem a little overwhelming to some, especially when it comes to the intricate designs of lingerie, but for founders Shahir and Zueryn, it is became a challenging feat which brought them to greater heights and had launched their latest outlet of success, MilkyB in Jalan Telawi, Bangsar Kuala Lumpur.


Sally Hansen Miracle Gel

Sally Hansen OMGel!

The brand Sally Hansen is known to most of us and I think in the most conventional way, it is one of the first few brands that launched our love for vibrant hues together with the usage of nail polish. The background of the brand is not quite known but I am here to tell the tale of how it started back in the 1950s.


Pen My Blog X Em Cosmetics Giveaway

Em Cosmetics Giveaway

So it's only an hour away from Christmas and I would like to dedicate this giveaway all my lovely readers who have been supporting my blog space for the past year of 2014. It has been a lovely one, filled with great joy and I couldn't have imagined a more wonderful way of spending it other than with all of you here.

Beauty Without a Knife at Ido's Clinic

Medical Director for Ido's Clinic; Dr. Lucas Chia

Alright. So this is going to be a rather educational post on beauty treatments rather than a simple overview on procedures done at aesthetic clinics. This is because I personally feel like we do need some form of  in-depth understanding to what we are getting ourselves into before going in for a certain procedure of choice; be it from dermal fillers to laser treatments.


Markets Fourteen at Jaya One Event

Gift wrapping for Christmas anyone?

Every few months or so, The School at Jaya One comes up with a bazaar and this time it is back celebrating it's 14th anniversary since it's launch. Coming about last weekend, it gave the public a break from reality by providing a happy dose of retail therapy with 60 selected vendors who were there to showcase their products; from fashion apparel to trendy trinkets and tasty treats. Below are some of the highlights on how the event went down.


Make Up For Ever Christmas Sets 2014

Looking forward to what Make Up For Ever has in store this Christmas 2014?

Lately there have been plenty of holiday sets coming out this Christmas, and Make Up For Ever is definitely one that does not miss it's mark. The brand introduced it's latest three additions last week and with it comes a diverse range that showcases the best of it's products all bundled into one.

A brief overview of their collection sets are below for preview. All products of course can be found at Make Up For Ever's Pro Boutique at Sephora Starhill.


Gifting ideas with SK-II Christmas Sets from ZALORA Malaysia

Celebrating Christmas with SK-II

Think of those sweet scented candles burning bright, the delicious aroma of cookies baking in the oven and that beautifully set up tree of twinkly lights.

Yes my friends, the Christmas season is upon us and with it comes the joy of giving. Of course the thought of picking out a present might be a tricky one but with the abundance of love and generosity that comes about this festive season, a memorable gift is always a lovely fit to each and every one of your family members, friends and loved ones.


Markets Fourteen by Jaya One

Weekend Fun at Markets Fourteen

So it's just a day away from that weekend break and if you are wondering what to get up to this weekend, it is time for a little dose of retail therapy at Markets Fourteen by Jaya One. Held at The School in Jaya One itself this is their 14th Bazaar to date and 60 specially selected vendors will be there to showcase their products; from fashionable apparels to delicious treats.

Lapureté Wakame Review

Lapureté Wakame Range

Having heard of Lapureté about three years ago, this Aussie brand has since then become one of the fastest growing anti-ageing skincare brands in the market.

By using natural ingredients, it's description states to protect the skin and repair the appearance of aging; although without the assist of trying it out, who would know right?

Youth United Festival 2014 Powered by Honor 6

At the Youth United Festival 2014

So last week was pretty eventful as the Youth United Festival was going on. Presented by Honor 6, this was practically the most anticipated event of the year for youths that was filled with great performances, sports, arts, music, food, share sessions by celebrities and more.


Eversoft Skinz Youth Recall Range Review

Eversoft Skinz Youth Recall Range

You know, sometimes when I look at the traditional Japanese women on screen, the first question I often wonder about is on their skincare regime. Not being completely biased here but porcelain skin like that just does not happen overnight. Maybe it's due to makeup enhancements on television but still; to look that effortless and youthful, you'd still need to have pretty good skin to don all that makeup on.

Having heard on all of the wonderful things that Eversoft Skinz has done over the years; we take a look at their latest skincare range called the Youth Recall which claims to work effectively to provide women with visibly youthful, smooth porcelain-like skin which the Japanese are famed for.

The Collection Fashion Lookbook

Want to get your own Collection Cosmetics Look Book?

So Collection Cosmetics has finally unveiled their very first Collection Fashion Lookbook featuring the four winners from the Collection Cosmetics Lookbook Competition along with brand ambassador Nelydia Senrose.


Makeup Revolution London Awesome Metals Foil Finish in Rose Gold Review

Makeup Revolution London Awesome Metals Foil Finish in Rose Gold

Going back to when I did a previous review on Makeup Revolution London's "Give Them Nightmares" Eyeshadow Palette along with their Amazing Lipsticks range, I figured that it was time to give a lowdown on their Awesome Metals Foil Finish in Rose Gold.

Being attracted to it due of it's shade as not many foil finishes come in rose gold, more or less you would often get something of a rather solid tone; a pure silver or gold of sorts but more often than not, it would be never something in between. However retailing at RM39.00 it would not be a bad purchase but then again the question remains, is it worth it?


COLLECTION Cosmetics celebrates it's Fashion Lookbook Winners

COLLECTION Cosmetics Lookbook Gallery

Introducing something new to wrap up the end of the year festivities, COLLECTION Cosmetics held a special unveiling of two new products; the Urbanista Lip Crayon that comes in eight vibrant shades together with an Eye Brow Kit for creating ultimate defined brow.


Makeup Revolution London Amazing Lipsticks and "Give Them Nightmares" Eyeshadow Palette Review

Makeup Revolution London

It's not often that I pick up makeup products for myself but lately the items from Makeup Revolution London had me intrigued. High pigmentation with classy hues together with a teasing mix of revolutionary colors; each to their own has long lasting wear and well thought out formulation.


A Rustic Woodland Christmas Launch 2014 at 1 Utama

1 Utama welcomes you to a Rustic Woodland Christmas

In light of every jolly holiday season, 1 Utama always gives it's customers a real treat to the eyes when it comes to their Christmas decorations. Hence being the fourth largest mall and having the festive celebration just peeking right around the corner in just three weeks away, 1 Utama warmly welcomes the Yuletide celebrations once again.


Dr. Jart+ Ceramidin™ Launch

Dr. Jart+ Ceramidin Range

It is said that a little moisture on the skin goes a long way and with the well known Korean skincare brand Dr. Jart+ latest launch of it's Ceramidin range, the products included does definitely show promise. However, as many of us already have plenty of moisturizing products on our shelves as it is, what we are going to look at today is how beneficial the Ceramidin range is going to be for our skin.

London Jewellery Designer Durrah Khalil Launches Debut Collection in Kuala Lumpur

The Launch of Durrah

Revisiting modern elegance, luxury label Durrah launched it's debut jewelry collection of stunning pieces last week. Classically designed with a touch of elegance, this unique array is suitable for both daily and special occasion wear.


Styling with Milktee Online Fashion Boutique

Styling with MILKTEE

MILKTEE has always brought us great indie-design tees for some time now but currently the brand has been shaking things up with a more refined and polished apparel; whilst carrying a wide range of ready to wear garments for women, accessories and handbags that are extremely chic and stylish.

By keeping things simple and sweet that fit both to comfort and style, MILKTEE takes a spin on trendy attires, from casual and classic cuts whilst keeping current, with each piece conveying a carefree and no fuss attitude.
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