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Mentholatum's Chu Lip Lipbalm Launch

The Launch of Chu Lip

Keeping things fun and quirky, Mentholatum recently launched it's Chu Lip Lipbalm with a fun filled carnival.

Highlighting the word, 'Chu' which means 'Kiss' the Chu Lip Lipbalm consists of great moisturizing properties that glides on the lips easily without leaving any form of oiliness while keeping the lips well-nourished.


A 2015 Elegant Day Makeup Look

Product Highlight

A girl's fascination when it comes to makeup never seems to cease and today we are going to highlight four essentials that a woman should have in her vanity purse besides foundation. So by taking a leaf out of Coco Chanel's book "A Girl Should Be Two Things, Classy and Fabulous" we are going to create an elegant day look that any girl will be able to wear daily.


Nünature Anti-Ageing Solution Hair Care Range

Nünature  Hair Care Range

Aging hair is a common problem for most people and many of you may recognize it in terms of hair loss, color change, dullness thinning and more.

Now there are no quick fixes for these hair issues but with a unique blend of natural active ingredients, Nünature Hair Care will help you restore youth to your mane so that you can get back that glossy and healthy head of hair in no time.


The Saujana Hotel 2015 Bridal Fair; "Celebrate Your Day the Vintage Way"

The Saujana Hotel 2015 Bridal Fair

The Saujana Hotel 2015 Bridal Fair was nothing short of extraordinary, with leading lady Amber Chia strutting down the fashion walks wearing Keith Kee Couture. But before we get into that, we have to go into the works of what makes a 'wedding'; a wedding.

All things considered, a lot of thought goes into planning this once in a lifetime event, from the selection of wedding cards, the set up, the music, the food tasting, the wedding cake and of course the wedding dress but basically to sum it all up; selecting the right vendors and planners will always be the one that will make your day sail smoothly without any hassle.


Aupres Aqua Energy

Aupres Aqua Energy Range

Intense hydration is a tricky thing and for all those who need it, here is a heads up from the brand Aupres which has finally launched their latest moisturizing range called Aqua Energy two weeks back.

This range tackles the issue within; which not only assists the surface of the skin but also the moisture retention ability which so happens to reduce from day to day due to the external stresses that is faced daily.

Benefit Cosmetics Opens it's Sixth Boutique in Suria KLCC

The Launch of Benefit Cosmetic's Store Opening in Suria KLCC

Opening it's new stand-alone boutique in Suria KLCC, Benefit Cosmetics officially launched it's sixth store's grand opening by having a showcase featuring Benefit's latest Swarovski crystal service; The Bling Brow as demonstrated by YouTube makeup artist Jasmine Tam.

Benè Premium Range Launch

The Launch of Benè Premium Range

There is nothing like pampering your tresses after a long day.

You see, having to cope with external factors such as heat, stress and lifestyle changes, the damaging effect that a person would often go through with their hair daily would more often than not result in clogged up hair follicles, an oily scalp, itchiness and even an increase in scalp buildup which will effect hair growth in the long run.

Alcatel Onetouch Flash

Between the stronghold of the Samsung smartphone and iPhone, Alcatel Onetouch has been known to be one of the top 10 best selling smartphone brands in 2013 alongside Samsung, Lenovo and many more. Plus as most don't really know this, but Alcatel Onetouch has also been a strong contender for the Xiaomi as well in terms of it being one of the more reasonably priced phones with strong features.


Michelle Phan, Em Cosmetics The Winter Life: Ice Bunny Edition Life Palette Review

Michelle Phan; Em Cosmetics

As most of us know, Michelle Phan has been every girl's beauty guru since her humble start up on YouTube a few years back. Her makeup line; Em Cosmetics has also been generating quite a hype online amongst fellow beauty enthusiasts since it's launch in August, 2013.

Now seeing that most of her items from Em Cosmetics are only available online, shipping preferences did become a difficult measure to her fan base as most as the shipping for her products were extremely expensive to be shipped offline to overseas shores.


The Year 2015; Inspiration Sparks Spirit

Welcoming the year 2015

The start of a New Year has always been deemed as a fresh beginning for many. Looking back in the year 2014 we have had many opportunities to be thankful for; great partnerships formed, wonderful friendships made and having that sense of joy in every milestone that we have achieved.
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