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It's commonly known that lines, colors and words often make a bold statement in fashion, and renowned artist Shantell Martin, is the master of this provocative. Having created a language of lines, at once whimsical and profound, her thought-provoking and memorable world of characters and messages bridge the gap between fine art, performance art and every day life.


Dr.Belmeur Advance Cica Review | What You Need To Know

Dr. Belmeur Advance Cica

Having spoken about Dr. Belmeur before (you can read about it here), you would know that this specific range from THE FACE SHOP is based on its low irritant formula and mild plant based ingredients, which makes it suitable for sensitive skin. With that being said, now there is an extension to the line called the Dr.Belmeur Advance Cica, and this is a premium range of products that is formulated with high efficacy active ingredients, that not only suits to sensitive skin but also helps to improve damaged skin as well.


Vintage Collection International Opens Its Doors In Malaysia

Vintage Collection International has finally opened its doors to Malaysia at Sunway Giza Shopping Mall, and showcasing their stunning international evening gowns that are known to be specially customized and tailor-made towards each of its unique style, each and every piece delivers a contemporary and effortless feel upon wear.


Laneige Two Tone Contouring Bar Review | Why We Love It

Laneige's latest range extension definitely caught many of us by surprise, but considering its first successful launch of its two toned lipsticks in the past, the brand has thus followed up with their Shadow Bars that debuted in 2016 and now with another addition of the Two Tone Correcting Bars as well as its Two Tone Contouring Bars for 2018.

Now we are not going to touch much on the Correcting Bars today, but instead we are going to be discussing more on the Two Tone Contouring Bars instead.
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