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Ways to up your property for Airbnb

There are some cases where HDB applicants failed to obtain HDB loans because they failed to fulfill their eligibility for HDB loan and opted for private residential. But you have no intention to move into your new condominium but wouldn’t want your property to go vacant. Thus, you have decided to join the Airbnb trend to earn some side income, you will need to go through an extended trip and want to rent your place out while you are away.


A Must Have Stop For Travellers & Family | Tropics Eight Suites Penang

Having been in Penang for almost a week now, we have made some amazing discoveries along the way. From eateries and sights to local delights, we now have another to add into the mix, which is Tropics Eight Suites that is strategically located right in Penang's city central.

Now the hustle and bustle of Penang is something that we have been enjoying throughout our stay here, and if you are the sort who is travelling to discover more about Penang; or better yet if you are doing this with family or even a big group of friends, then Tropics Eights Suites would mark the perfect choice of accommodation for this.


Spices Hotel Penang | A Hidden Gem in the Heart of Georgetown

There is something about historical and cultural sites that till this day completely gets to me; and upon reaching Penang, we came across one such place that is Spices Hotel; which is an award winning boutique hotel that exudes rich heritage within its four walls, inspired by its Moroccan, Spanish and Indian interior decor.


Pantene Unveils its 1st Micellar Series at Watsons

Among most haircare products that are within the beauty industry, we are pretty sure that most of you  will agree with us that when it comes to the basics, the shampoo is one of the most important products in any hair care regimen.

Plus with all the humidity that we get due to our climate in Malaysia,  we all know that it can be pretty challenging to maintain a clean and healthy scalp; thus for today we are going to be discussing and taking a closer look at Pantene's new launch, which is its Micellar Shampoo & Conditioner series.


The Face Shop Yehwadam Heaven Grade Ginseng Rejuvenating Range

Since 2017, THE FACE SHOP has launched a couple of variants of its Yehwadam series; from Revitalizing, Pure Brightening, Moisturizing and to its latest, which is the Heaven Grade Ginseng Rejuvenating range.
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