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Al-Hur beauty | Skincare Review

Today we are going to bring the discussion to a newly launched skincare line called Al-Hur Beauty which hails all the way from Dubai. With regards, the brand has launched a new collection; one which includes 3 types of skincare products - a Moroccan Olive Oil Cleanser, a Volcanic Mineral Mud Mask and finally a Cocoa Butter Cream.


Double Cleansing with THREE Cosmetics Balancing Cleansing Oil + Giveaway!

Now we have been hearing a lot of good things about THREE Cosmetics recently; specifically more so on their best selling Balancing Cleansing Oil; and seeing that the brand has been lovingly curated all the way from Japan and promotes the best of ingredients that is gathered from nature in their products, we can certainly see why both the brand and its range has been creating strong waves amongst the beauty community.


K-Beauty | BEYOND Angel Aqua Skincare Review

Now recently The Face Shop has released its all new super-sized Angel Aqua Series by its sister company BEYOND, which caught some of us in the beauty community by a pleasant surprise. Plus you guys, when it comes to finding a good eco product line, affordability and size all in one go in Korean Beauty, we have to say that this one is definitely a bang for your buck.


Orome Ultra White Review

Alright you guys, so we are nearing the end year of 2018, and this time around, let's have a quick discussion on whitening products. Now you guys know that I am not exactly a big fan of this but if you are the sort who is looking for a product to use on targeted areas to lighten pigmentation, then have a look at this particular one from Orome, called Ultra White.

Himalaya Salt Sports Candy | The Sporty Lifestyle

Recently the creator the Big Foot Candy, Nicko Jeep Manufacture Sdn Bhd had officially launched its Himalaya Salt Sports Candy, which made with natural Himalayan Salt targets those who enjoy sports and outdoor activities.


The Best Blooms from A Better Florist Malaysia

We have always found that flowers are such a beautiful way to uplift someone, or to convey and express any form of emotion; and with that, A Better Florist does a good job of visually communicating these messages from the heart.


Starbucks Malaysia celebrates 'The Blend is The Magic' for the Holidays 2018

The holiday season is definitely upon us and this year, Starbucks Malaysia celebrates 'The Blend is The Magic' with new and returning beloved Starbucks seasonal handcrafted holiday beverages, along with its special Holiday Blend whole beans, gifting cards and an exclusive selection of curated merchandise.


London Based W7 Cosmetics Launches in Malaysia

Over the last week, London based cosmetics W7 made its official debut in Malaysia. Now this brand is well known in London and offers an extensive range of cosmetics products for the young, fashion forward individuals who are looking for affordable, quality makeup for their every day look.


Weekend Happenings | Habib's Heritage Journey Exhibition 2018

Now if you are figuring out what to do this weekend, Habib is currently showcasing Malaysia's largest antique jewelry collection, named Habib's Heritage Journey. It is currently being displayed at the Curve, located directly at the Centre Court from today till the 11th of November 2018.


CS12 debuts in Malaysia | Holiday Collection 2018

Now skincare is something that a lot of us pay avid attention to, especially as you get on with age. Over the past week, we were thus introduced to CS12 and its Holiday 2018 Collection; which if most of you aren't familiar with- is a brand that is formulated with Germany's advanced skin care technology, has been in the beauty industry for over 8 years and is focused on searching for a skin care solution that is tailored specifically towards Asian skin and its climates.
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