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Paul Immigrations Reviews | Your Guide to Achieving Singapore PR

Now are you the sort who has been living in Singapore for a couple of years on a work permit, and you wonder what’s next? After all, all those years of CPF funds that you could have possibly saved have now become a missed opportunity. As you would know, these are some of the concerns that aspiring Permanent Residence applicants have asked, or more so those who have probably tried the application process themselves but were unsuccessful due to some missteps in the procedure. Hence as to why, this is where Paul Immigrations comes in to fill the gaps for a smooth and hassle- free PR application. So first off, who is Paul Immigrations you ask? Well to put it simply, they are an immigration consultancy firm that specializes in the application of Singapore PR. Thanks to the expertise and knowledge of their consultants, they have thus maintained a high success rate over the years since 2016. The firm is based in Singapore.



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