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Neutrogena Deep Clean Foaming Cleanser Review

When I first heard about a cleanser that can remove 99% of micro-pollutants, I honestly was like 'what, really?' Now you guys all know when it comes to pollutants (especially in the hazy weather that has been happening over the last few weeks) it has been really difficult to control its exposure to the skin. SPF could only do so much, but when the skin cells are exposed to these pollutant claims, the changes in it can be quite rampant; whether it is in terms to its oxidative stress, sebum secretion rate, inflammation, collagen and even elastin levels.


Nano Singapore | Vitality Formula & Digestive Wellness Formula Review

Whenever it comes to supplements, I have to say that I am pretty selective; and this does not only apply to its intake, but also with the type of boosters that I choose from. Now most of you probably already know that I do enjoy taking collagen boosters from time to time because it does help with my skin and overall wellness, but there is another sort that I was recently introduced to which I happen to find rather interesting (hence we will be discussing today), and that is a Vitality Formula that helps with stamina and immunity, as well as a Digestive Wellness Formula that helps to support the breakdown of carbs and fats.
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