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SOTHYS Vanilla-Passion Fruit Mineral Oxygenating Treatment | Autumn Winter 2018

Whenever it comes to facials, it is common that most of us are quite selective, and for 2018, SOTHYS brings to us its Autumn Winter Edition facial, which is its Vanilla-Passion Fruit Mineral Oxygenating Treatment.

What You Need To Know About SOTHYS Vanilla-Passion Fruit Mineral Oxygenating Treatment

Now for this particular facial, what it does is that it brings a good dose of multi-function anti-toxin complex and minerals to boost the skin's defense system. Not only that, but it also has the most delicious notes of vanilla and passion fruits to energize and tone the skin.

Plus to top it all off, this entire treatment helps in fighting daily aggression; whether it be from work stress, an imbalance diet or even environmental pollution, so if you feel like your skin is appearing rather dull and weak, then this facial would work well for you.

So starting off with the treatment, the application begins with a 2 in 1 mask exfoliant. This is given after a thorough deep cleansing and is applied to the skin to free it from impurities as well as giving it a soft and radiant texture.

 Next up is the Oxy-Mineral Radiance Treatment where an essential dose of minerals and a boost of oxygen is then applied to the skin. This is to achieve skin balance and reactivate cell regeneration so that the skin would be able to breathe better. Right after would be the Modelling Cream with Vanilla Extract where it would give the skin a nourishing boost. Once done, the final step would be a peel off mask, to help protect and restore the skin's natural glow.

Now on overall, this treatment is really great and it gives a nice glass skin effect as well, due to the plumping and moisturizing aspects of it. Personally we like because it enhances the natural glow of the skin and gives a beautiful radiance that lasts once the facial is done. As for its retail price, it is at RM290, but SOTHYS is now offering a special price at RM199 for the first trial to every customer. Not only that, but this seasonal treatment is available at all SOTHYS salon nationwide from September 2018 onwards still stocks last too.

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