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The Body Shop Earth Day Plant Giveaway

This week, The Body Shop celebrated Earth Day by giving away 1,000 saplings at Pavilion Kuala Lumpur. This was the brand's 5th year in giving away free saplings; collaborating with Free Tree Society to encourage the public to commit to a greener environment.

Aside from improving the environment for 2019, the event also focused on protecting our wildlife species such as the Malayan tigers that are critically endangered. For as a business that aims to be environmentally sustainable, protecting endangered habitats is vitally important to The Body Shop.
“Wildlife are constantly facing threats such as our Malayan tigers which could cause extinction if there’s no stop or control over the massive destruction. We have the power to make positive changes in the world as a business and have the responsibility to do that; but also every one of us including our customers, have the power to make a positive difference in people’s lives. Therefore, in conjunction with Earth Day, we are back again to make an impact and to create public awareness on the importance of planting a tree to save our planet and to save our iconic Malayan tigers”- Datin Mina Cheah, Managing Director of Rampai Niaga Sdn Bhd.

Now The Body Shop Malaysia has been giving away free plants on Earth Day for the past four years, and with a growing positive response last year, this event was thus held at Pavilion KL to distribute free tree saplings of 18 different species. The plants were then given out to the members of the public with The Body Shop employees and Free Tree Society volunteers explaining how to care for the plant that they chose to adopt.

Not only that but The Body Shop has also partnered with ZKE Recycle for an up cycling workshop for customers (old glass fragrance bottles from The Body Shop were used to make oil lamps). Plus to top it off, they also launched a petition campaign to call upon our government to send 2,000 army personnel to patrol Peninsular Malaysia Rainforests, for with only 200 tigers left, it is best to support the campaign to prevent our Malayan tigers from imminent extinction and to increase its population. Hence with this, you can show your support by signing the petition in any of The Body Shop stores or online via this link.

In the meantime, The Body Shop encourages every individual to take part in creating a sustainable and greener environment by planting a tree, re-using and recycling products as well as educating the younger generation about the importance of caring for the environment. If you would like to know more, you can also head on over to their Official Facebook Page for further details.

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