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My Beaute Village Opens in Pavilion Kuala Lumpur

This February 2020, My Beaute Village has officially launched it 6th outlet at the 1st floor in Pavillion Kuala Lumpur. Having a total retail space of 1,300 soft which we have to say is pretty huge, the location has been designed to meet the beauty needs of today's generation.

Now the whole point of My Beaute Village is to provide effective but natural beauty products to the public and with that, here are some of the unique points to take note of of what My Beauty Village has to offer.
The Products Within are:

  • Derived from natural ingredients
  • Organic
  • Vegan
  • Free from silicone, paraben and colorant
  • Manufactured by environmentally friendly processes
  • No animal testing and/or cruelty used in the development
  • No animal-derived ingredients

To give a little backstory to the origins of My Beaute Village, the name 'Beaute' that is derived from the French word means beauty. Hence as to why the brand name and concept of My Beaute Village was inspired by the founders when they were visiting many of the European countries, including UK, France, Belgium, Netherland, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Spain, Switzerland and Denmark.

Plus during their visit in the country side, they also saw many successful beauty shops in the villages that originated from home-based offering products. This coupled with natural, vegan and organic ingredients thus set to fulfil the growing needs of their customers henceforth.

In summary, My Beaute Village's vision is to become a one-stop speciality shop that offers top notch beauty brands from around the world. The aim is to basically offer good and solid beauty products from Europe that are mainly derived from natural, vegan, organic ingredients at an affordable price point. After all, the theme of My Beaute Village is based on European village charm shopping environment.

Currently, My Beaute Village has 6 stores in total, with the 1st outlet being in Eko Cheras Mall in 2018 and since then, they have branched out to IOI Mall in Puchong, Aeon Kleband Mall in Ipoh, Toppen Shopping Centre in Johor and Vivacity Megamall in Kuching Sarawak. Plus for its 6th opening, the brand has hence opened in Pavilion KL for 2020.

In addition, since its soft opening on the 14th of January 2020, My Beaute Village is also giving out 5,000 pieces of Skinestica Korea masks as welcome gifts and if customers we re to like and share My Beaute Village on social media, they would also get a free gift with an RM25 gift voucher besides all other on-going promotions.

Not only that, but My Beaute Village is also having their highlight promotion where a free RM500 voucher booklet will be given when a customer purchases a minimum of RM50 from now until the 29th of February which will be running currently at all 6 nationwide outlets as well.

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