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Paul Immigrations Reviews | Your Guide to Achieving Singapore PR

Now are you the sort who has been living in Singapore for a couple of years on a work permit, and you wonder what’s next? After all, all those years of CPF funds that you could have possibly saved have now become a missed opportunity. As you would know, these are some of the concerns that aspiring Permanent Residence applicants have asked, or more so those who have probably tried the application process themselves but were unsuccessful due to some missteps in the procedure. Hence as to why, this is where Paul Immigrations comes in to fill the gaps for a smooth and hassle- free PR application. So first off, who is Paul Immigrations you ask? Well to put it simply, they are an immigration consultancy firm that specializes in the application of Singapore PR. Thanks to the expertise and knowledge of their consultants, they have thus maintained a high success rate over the years since 2016. The firm is based in Singapore.

So first off, who is Paul Immigrations you ask? Well to put it simply, they are an immigration consultancy firm that specializes in the application of Singapore PR. Thanks to the expertise and knowledge of their consultants, they have thus maintained a high success rate over the years since 2016. The firm is based in Singapore.

Now understandably with over 15k satisfied clients under their belt, the firm has become one of the trusted market leaders that helps foreigners who seek to sink their roots in Singapore. Plus, in terms of their main services, it boils down to 6 different aspects which will be listed below for reference. However, what you can take-away from all of this is that the company aims to provide applicants with professional help that is effective, strategic, valuable and well-organized at the end of the day.
Services: Paul Immigrations Reviews

1. Offer Key Insights, Policy Knowledge and Professional Case Management - This means that you get to gain the upper hand in attaining the approval with the team’s professional tips and insights.

2. Organize All Necessary Documents - As we all know, any missing documents during the online submission on ICA’s site can result in an incomplete application (invalid submission), so the professionals can take this worry off your list and be meticulous with the collation of the essential documents for submission.

3. Prep Additional Documents for a Strong and Complete Documents Package - The team of professionals will assist to showcase your best qualities and contributions to the local community based on what you have achieved thus far. This plays a role in boosting your approval chances.

4. Craft Personalized Cover Letters and a Strategic Approach in Handling Complex Issues - The ICA receives thousands of applications and the officers have to vet through every single one of them. By sending in a cover letter that sums up your strengths, contributions and valuable potential can make the assessment quicker and also set your submission apart from the rest of the applicants.Their specialized team of writers will craft the cover letter for you and add it into your submission package.

5. Lead You Throughout the Process - The expert team will guide you through the entire process, end-to- end. They will also ensure that all information and paperwork that is required are completed accurately.

6. Minimize Hassle and Time Wastage - It can be cumbersome and complex to navigate the e-service portal by yourself, especially if you are a first time applicant. With the firm’s expertise, a lot of time can be saved while you enjoy the benefit of a better chance of attaining PR approval without much hassle. 
Now when you head over to their website, most of the basics of what you would need to know and prepare are already listed quite accordingly, but in order to assess your PR Eligibility, whether you are a first-time applicant or a reapplicant, is that you would need to fill in a quick form at the bottom of the webpage. You will also be able to have a look at the benefits of being a Singapore PR and from the assessment, you would be able to know the steps from the PR agent Singapore that you need to know before.

In order to not make the process too overly complicated, let's quickly go through some of the steps from the PR agent Singapore that you need to know beforehand in terms of the Singapore PR Application.

  • Step 1: Short Interview via Phone 
    • The first round of interviews will be done to view if you are eligible to apply for PR via call. Standard  information and background checks (like the type of Work Pass that you are holding) will be gathered here and a profile assessment will be done. A quick check whether you are awaiting any replies for an ongoing application with the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority will be done here too. If you are a suitable applicant, an appointment will be scheduled with you to verify and also evaluate your chances. 

  • Step 2: Appointment To Find Out More 
    • This stage is basically verifying your details from before (work pass, documentation, etc). A quick review on the profile assessment will be done as well as going through the factors that will affect your PR approval. You will be able to have a rough gauge on what your chances of getting an approval will be like and it is in this step that you can decide to engage them to improve your chances of getting an approval. Do note that the team would only take up your profile if you do stand a chance and meet the basic requirements listed by ICA for PR.  

  • Step 3: Documents and Paperwork Preparation 
    • Depending on your eligibility, you will be requested to submit the proper documents needed for PR Approval to the team. There are 2 ways to submit this which is either to pass the hardcopies to the team to help you scan the documents and verify, or you can email the soft copies over to the professional that is in-charge of your process. The team will then help you vet through each and every one of the documents and ensure that they are legible, in the English language, and also check all the boxes of a complete set of paperwork that they will need to proceed.  

  • Step 4: Showcase Your Strengths With a Cover Letter 
    • Here, in-house writer will prepare a personalized cover letter for you. They would attain your answers through a series of questions. The writers would also extract information from your set of documents to then craft a compelling cover letter. 

  • Step 5: Submission of PR Application 
    • The online submission will commence once the documents are ready. This can be done in two ways; one which is to submit the application remotely or schedule an in-person meeting with the team to submit the application. Keep in mind that Step 2-Step 5 of the process could take up to two months.  

  • Step 6: Wait For The Outcome 
    • After the submission, you will then have to wait patiently for ICA to revert, by mail, on your result. ICA requires 4-6 months on average to assess each PR application. Whether the outcome is approved or rejected, the team will then advise you on how to proceed in the utmost ideal action.This you can also view on their FAQ which will be listed here.  
Now seeing that the above is just a brief overview, Paul Immigrations will of course explain and go through the steps above in a more in-depth way, but it is always good to know some of the basics to prepare beforehand. So all in all, if you are looking for an immigration consultancy firm to take care of your application needs, head on over to their office that is located at Suntec Tower Two at 9 Temasek Boulevard Singapore (#13-01/02/03, Singapore 038989). You can also check in on their website to know more, but if you would like to reach them directly, you can also give them a call at +65 6206 6390 as well.

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