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Beauty Must Haves When Wearing A Face Mask

In the new normal, a lot of us are having to adapt to new circumstances, and other than social distancing, one of the main ones is having to wear a face mask whenever you go out in public. Now this of course has become a daily routine in this pandemic, but with everything that is going on, always remember to always care for yourself and your needs, even if it were to take a mere 5-10 minutes out of your day.

Now one thing to consider when wearing a mask constantly in this day and age, is that many of us tend not to prioritise the changes that our skin would be going through underneath. This includes the skin reacting to humidity, UVA rays, bacteria, free radicals and more; that in the end would severely be damaging to the skin in the long run if not promptly treated. So with that, here are the 3 things to keep in mind whilst caring for it throughout the day.

Moisturize and Protect

In terms of skincare, the basics of it always boils down to these two, so before starting your day, do moisturise the skin after cleansing and always remember to put on a good sunblock.  (A personal favourite is The Face Shop's Natural Sun Eco No Shine Hydrating Sun Cream SPF50+).

Also, if you are the type who is always on the go, a good product recommendation for prep would be either a hydrating mask or a solid mist. Plus if you are looking for one that you can take with you on the go, definitely check out The Face Shop's Aloe Water. It has a super fine mist that sprays evenly, and it keeps the skin hydrated with a very soothing effect.

Plus it wouldn't really matter whether you are indoors, outdoors, or even wearing a mask because at the end of it, your skin would definitely need moisturization and protection throughout the day. Plus if you are someone who struggles with dry skin daily like yours truly, the utilization of these products will definitely be useful to you even if you are wearing your mask or not.

Minimal Makeup

However, since we are wearing masks daily, an issue that always comes up is the prominent makeup smear and stain. Plus if you are used to wearing heavy foundation, this becomes even more apparent. So the way how we can avoid this whilst caring for the texture underneath, is to substitute your foundation with a good tone up cream or even a lightweight makeup base to brighten and liven up the skin.

One to recommend here is the VDIVOV Silk Wear Makeup Base because not only does it feel very comfortable on the skin, it also feels extremely weightless too. Plus if you are looking to tone out any redness or dark circles for a very glowy and natural healthy look, then this product does it for you as well.

Keeping it light with Fresh and Natural Tones

Now obviously when wearing a mask, the one thing that is extremely visible for people to draw focus  on, is the eyes. However, since most of us are more or less popping in and out for a quick errand, we don't want to be wearing eyeshadow shades that are too overly strong. So with this, try to opt for lighter tones or more neutral shades. Basically something like the above (these are the Mono Cube Eyeshadows from The Face Shop) that would make your eyes look bright and awake, but in a more subtle manner.

The same thing would also go for the brows (or if you are feeling a little more fancy, you can opt for a liner) because at the end of the day, you would want to keep them light and effortless for a more natural look.

In the meantime, all of these products mentioned above are available online at The Face Shop. Plus if you are planning on making a purchase for their site anytime soon, you can also use the code PENMYBLOG0620 (this will be only be valid from now till the 30th of June 2020) to enjoy free delivery with a minimum order of RM100, inclusive of free gifts (3 pcs of Real Nature Mask + 5 pcs of Surgical Mask) as well. Meanwhile, hope everyone is staying safe during this period, and hope to see you guys soon in our next post!

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