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Uniqlo LifeWear FALL/WINTER 2021

Alright you guys, UNIQLO has recently launched its Lifewear Collection where its theme centres around thoughtful and practical clothing for every day life and enjoyable activities, balancing simplicity and comfort with style and utility.

Additionally, within the collection there are 4 different categories; which will be listed below. Each one of these represent a different theme to UNIQLO's clothing wear for its lifewear collection and centres around the comfort of familiarity during the pandemic.

1. Freedom in Motion: Great functional fabrics that offer warmth and ease of movement.

2. Need for Nature: Simple and functional everyday apparel.

3. Curated City Living: Pieces that have innovative designs and functionality while being neat and comfortable upon wear.

4. Rest & Recharge: Comfortable and relaxing apparel.

For more details, you can always head on over to UNIQLO's Official Website for further details but in the meantime if you would like to have a first hand look at the collection, you can also go over to UNIQLO's physical stores to check them out as well.

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