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5 Simple New Year's Goals for a Better 2022

What a year it has been you guys. 2021 was certainly one that we thought was for new beginnings, but with the built up of the discovery of a new variant manifestation of Coronavirus, the depletion of businesses globally and quite recently the natural disaster of  flooding and more, a part of us feels so disconnected with the hope that things are going to be better.

Looking back now, we don't really want to step into the new year with an unrealistic notion that things are magically going to turn around, but we do believe however with the correct push forwards, things will eventually return to the right direction. So with that, here are some goals and resolutions for 2022 and hopefully with that continuous mindset, things will ultimately take a turn for the best.

Practicing Goals & Resolutions for 2022

  • Eat Healthy and Practice Healthy Habits
    • You will be amazed on how something so simple can make a big difference for your wellbeing. Switching to healthier meal plans, implementing good healthy habits and more will also benefit your efficiency, productivity, happiness and mindset as well.

  • Focus on Your Spending Habits & Start a Savings Plan
    • Always be mindful of how you spend on non-essential items and create a savings plan. Even if you do not have much to spare, just set what little you have aside in a savings account each month and this accumulation will benefit you in the long run.

  • Learn A New Skill
    • If there is anything that this pandemic has thought us, is to make most of what time we that we have. So instead of wasting it away in front of the TV or computer, leverage your spare time and pick up a new skill. Whether it'd be a group activity with the family, learning new recipes, mastering a new instrument or even going back to studies, a new skill acquired is definitely something that would benefit and improve your life personally and professionally.

  • Take a Social Media Break once in Awhile
    • A lot of us have faced the burnout from daily routines and work during the ongoing pandemic, and sometimes scrolling through timelines and seeing negative things online can really put our mindset in a bad place. Taking a social media break can help decrease feelings of stress and anxiety, so it is always good to remind yourself to take some time off socials and focus on yourself and well being.

  • Start a Journal
    • Keeping a daily record of your personal thoughts and feelings can really help pace your moments in life. Additionally, it keeps your thoughts organised and can also relieve stress, record memories and ultimately, inspire creativity as well.

So while there are plenty more goals that can be set for the New Year, hopefully with this, we can make 2022 a good one. Till then, Happy New Year you guys, stay safe and cheers to the upcoming year.

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