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Up your self-love game with 4 types of essential self-care | Beauty & Co

We all know that taking care of our own general well-being and mental health is important – but let’s be true to ourselves, are we all really doing so? While Malaysians are known for being one of the most overworked people in the world, it is more often than not, we find ourselves burning out from the hustle and stress in our daily lives. 

Truth to be told, it’s usually not until we see the warning signs of stress and fatigueness that we realise that we’ve absolutely had enough and it’s time to allow ourselves a break. Practising self-care, though, would be key in breaking the habit and to prevent ourselves from feeling easily burnout, while improving our overall happiness and productivity in our day-to-day life. By broadening our understanding of the different types of self-care gives our bodies and minds the attention that they need. It’s time to put yourself on your own “priority” list – take a look at these four types of self-care to discover where your self-love game could use a refresh and be the best version of yourself!

Emotional self-care In today’s stressful world, it is more important than ever to regulate our emotions and to learn to cope with difficult feelings as they arise. However, many of us would tend to ignore and brush our emotions aside in the hope that they’ll disappear. 

Unfortunately for us, these feelings would only get stronger, leading to feelings of burnout. Emotional self-care is essentially the actions that we take to connect, process and reflect our emotions in a healthy way. As we allow ourselves to feel and understand our emotions, it paths the way to heal from it and eventually, letting them go.

Psychological self-care

Do you ever feel so tired after a long day at work where you just don’t feel like doing anything at all? In point of fact, the way we think and things we fill our minds with influences our psychological well- being. It is one of the main factors in destroying our mental health, but it can also be used as a way to declutter our minds and reduce stress levels. Whether it be listening to your favourite Spotify playlist, or going on a night out with your friends – there is no right or wrong way to take care of your mental health, as long as it makes you feel relaxed! 

Professional self-care

Most employment nowadays have high job demands, alongwith the need to be able to work in a fast- paced environment. This makes it crucial to adopt professional self-care habits that lead to a healthy work-life balance – although, we all know that it is no easy task. 

Especially when work stress is concerned, it is easy to lose focus and lose sight of what really matters – our physical and mental health. It is okay to allow yourself to cut some slack once in a while or to even set boundaries at work. Not only will this improve your productivity and focus at work the next day, this will also help you to achieve the job satisfaction and fulfilment that you seek for. 

Physical self-care

While physical self-care can be as basic as having good nutrition, sufficient sleep and exercise, having your “me” time is also an important form of physical self-care that you can practice. Believe it or not, “me” time helps to boost self-confidence, relieves your stress and ultimately, improves the relationship with not only yourselves, but with others too. 

With all that’s said, though, self-care is a significant part of self-love. For self-love to manifest, you must make yourself a priority. It is only when you love yourself, you recognise the signs of burnout and make the necessary steps to care for yourself. For a start, take some time off to yourself from the long week, treat yourself for a rejuvenating and pampering spa day – after all, we all know we deserved it. Perhaps, go for the perfect facial treatment to refresh and replenish your skin! 

At Beauty & Co, there are a total of 15 facial treatments made suitable for different skin types, including the Comfort Zone Tranquillity, a relaxing facial treatment for tired and dull skin due to stressful lifestyle and poor sleep quality. 

The extension menu of services ranges from body and facial treatments to wellness and weight loss treatments with its latest, high-tech machineries for pelvic, blood circulation as well as slimming and sculpting. Beauty & Co’s flagship location is currently located in The Gardens Mall where they provide the most premium beauty and wellness services and treatments. Regular services are available across their outlets such as Paradigm Mall, 1 Utama Shopping Mall, Cheras, Setia Alam and Bukit Tinggi Klang. To learn more about what Beauty &Co. offers, visit

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