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Celebrations made sweeter with Cake Rush's Explosion Box

Celebrations these days are often commemorated with a bang, and what more can we consider other than a box full of delightful surprises?

Now Cake Rush has recently curated an Explosion Gift Box, one that you are able to personalise the content to what you would like, thus creating a truly special and unique present for your loved ones. So be it a birthday, Christmas, graduation; this box of surprises never fails to make a stellar impression.

So what are the contents you might ask? Well let me give you a quick breakdown.

Each gift box comes with a delicious base product, 4 whimsical butterflies and a customisable message card. For the base product, you have the option to select a few variants of flavours which are:

Flavors Available:

  • Rainbow Cake
  • Chocolate Fudge
  • Pandan Gula Melaka
  • Walnut Carrot
  • Ferrero (Nationwide)

Additionally, not only that but you would also get to personalise and elevate the box with a range of amazing add ons like the ones below too.

Add-Ons Selections:

  • 4x extra Butterflies for a mesmerising display
  • Customised pictures for your loved ones to commemorate a more unique experience
  • Extra flowers for an added charm
  • Additional sweets to satisfy every sweet tooth

We should also add the steps to order are pretty straightforward as well, for you would just have to select your base products from the flavours that you have, select you add ons and then choose you delivery window for that grand reveal to  delight and surprise your friends and loved ones. 

Plus not only that, this Cake Explosion Gift Boxes by Cake Rush are not only just a one-time wonder, but there are also designed for reusability and endless delight! All you would need to do is to wind up the butterflies again (approximately 25-30 times), and place them back in the box and thus the box is now ready for another captivating surprise.

Personally this was a really fun cake to have experienced and it would also create an extra touch of wonder to any celebration. Retailing at RM129, the Cake Explosion Gift Box is available within Klang Valley and Cake Rush also does same day delivery with it as well.

So create some cherished memories together and make every celebration unforgettable. In the meantime, if you would like to curate and build your explosion box with your loved ones, definitely check it out here.

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