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Pan Fried Lemon Fish Recipe

( Pan Fried Lemon Fish )

So I was thinking it's high time I began posting some recipes that people keep asking me about. This is just because I keep getting questions about it and every single time I make this dish; I seem to be whipping out a pen and paper just to write it down for my loved ones, friends and family and to whomsoever who truly enjoyed this recipe.

So before further ado, let's start off shall we?

Step 1 :

Gather these ingredients together.

- Salt
- Pepper
- 1tsp butter
-1 tsp virgin olive oil
- 4 to 5 capers
- Fish Stock
- 1 Lemon
- All purpose Flour (3tbsp would suffice)
- Coriander
- 2 Fish Fillets ( best if you can get white dory fish )
Step Two :

Now take the lemon and slice it into half.

One half you can grate the surface to form lemon zest, then use the rest to form lemon juice into a small bowl. For the second half you can cut them into thin slices.

( Lemon slices and lemon zest at the side)

Now be wary : please grate out the lemon zest first before you slice the lemon in half or else the zest will be exposed to the lemon juice component and be a bit damp. The ones that you see at the side is the result of cutting the lemon in half first. 

( Lemon Juice )
Step 3:

Next gather the coriander and slice them gently so that you don't bruise them.
Put them aside on a plate.

Step 4: 

Season the fish with salt and pepper. Put a generous amount on both sides and condition them into the fish.

( Salt and Pepper )
( 2 Fish Fillets sliced thinly and seasoned well on both sides) 
Step 5:

Now dip the well seasoned fillets into the bowl of all purpose flour. Make sure they are coated nicely.

Step 6:

Put the 1 tsp virgin olive oil and 1 tsp of butter into the pan.
Now make sure both mix well and the pan is hot. Once it is hot put in the fish. Pan fry it until golden brown and set aside.

 ( The key to ensure that the fish does not break while you flip, is once you put it in the pan, do not touch it until it is brown and crispy underneath - Around 3-4 minutes should do for one side. Once it is, flip it once then leave it to brown on the other side ) 
( Once browned set aside ) 
Step 7 :

Now in the pan you should have the extra sauce from the fish - let's mix it in with the lemon juice ( please put in the sufficient amount of lemon juice - please taste first - you don't have to put in so much due to adding in the lemon slices later on ) , the fish stock - again check the amount - taste until you think the mixture is right.

Step 8 :

Once the sauces are mixed add in the lemon slices, capers, coriander ( only put in half - leave the rest for plating)  and lemon zest.

( All Mixed - Do not leave your lemon slices for too long for they will turn soft and mushy )

Step 9 : Final Step

Now once you are done with the sauce - plate your fish in a presentable position and pour you scrumptious sauce over it. Decorate it with the lemon slices and coriander.

The Complete Dish

And tada, your Pan Fried Lemon Fish is now done! It's time to serve, eat up and enjoy. Hope you have enjoyed learning this recipe and do leave a tag or a comment below to let me know how you have plated it up.


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  1. Thanks for sharing this recipe. I would like to prepare this myself.... let's see if I can find the time next Sunday!


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