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It's the year 2013!

Dear All,

It's officially 2013! I wish you all a very happy new year!

It seems to be ages since I last did up a blog post so let's recap the wonderful year of 2012.

Things I managed to achieve:

1. Settled down with a good job
2. Met wonderful people along the way
3. Achieved my desired weight by exercising, not dieting! *A big woop there for me*
   (Currently at 45 kg if you are curious, haha )
4.Went on 2 blissful holidays with my other half
5.Was blessed with a gorgeous nephew on the month of November
6. Taught myself more recipes
7. And the biggest news : I just recently got engaged! * Hence not many posts due to too much happiness, lol *

The Ring :) Just to cure your curiosity

My other half and I during my sister's wedding

What a wonderful year it has been! I have finally sat down and made some new years resolutions to upkeep  2013 so it would come to par or be even better than the year 2012. Will post them tomorrow if I can ;)

Let's give a good cheer to a brighter tomorrow!


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