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Lush Christmas Edition 2013; Rudolph Fresh and Festive Face Mask

Now which person here wouldn't adore Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics?

Using all fresh fruits, vegetables, essential oils, synthetic ingredients, honey and beeswax in their products, Lush Cosmetics's history dates back to the United Kingdom where this cosmetic line adopted its name on 10 April 1995 and have now 830 stores in over 51 countries.

Now today I am going to be talking about the Limited Edition Rudolph Fresh Face Mask that my fiance surprised me with last Christmas. I have been curious about this mask since it's launch and since it was available only during Christmas I wanted to take the opportunity to try it out.

However, since we did not have Lush in Malaysia and I wasn't going down to Singapore anytime soon, I didn't have high hopes on receiving it. So imagine my surprise when my fiance went down to the store in Singapore and brought it back for me. Yes I am a lucky girl :)

"If you spend you winter outdoors in the frosty air, bring your skin in from the cold with Rudolph! This limited edition Fresh Face Mask soothes and softens dry, irritated skin with nourishing ingredients like calamine, lavender and oatmeal, while fresh mint and cucumber revitalize and replenish skin's radiance."

As all products from Lush Cosmetics are freshly made, it is best to use their products within the 3-4 week duration period. However, to help with the longevity of the product, best pop it into the fridge the moment you buy it.

So you could safely say that my Rudolph mask is near finishing as I have already been using it for more than its standard duration.

As seen on the video above, the Rudolph Fresh and Festive Face Mask is packed with natural ingredients, though admittedly it is more clumpier and cakey when compared to the other face masks that I have tried from Lush.

Nonetheless, it does seem to do the trick with my skin which is to tone and cool the skin with its minty freshness.

Rudolph Fresh and Festive Face Mask

Rudolph Fresh and Festive Face Mask is also infused with extra virgin coconut oil to moisturize and aloe vera to soothe, so technically this mask will leave you feeling incredible once used.

Rudolph Fresh and Festive Face Mask also has it's own jelly red nose made with Aloe Vera gel and Seaweed to complete it's look.


Applying the face mask

In terms of application, the texture is a bit tricky so you would need to mix the face mask with a little bit of water to give it a creamier substance to apply all over the face.

If not, the oatmeal-like texture would fall off and not stick properly in order to give you an even coverage. This was an awkward experience for me when I first tried it; but nonetheless after awhile, I got used to it.

How does it feel on the skin?

Now upon every application, I usually leave the mask on for about 20 minutes before rinsing it off and I have to say that my skin did feel deeply nourished and soft afterwards with a surprising glow of slight glitter!

Apparently in it's ingredients, the Rudolph Fresh and Festive Face Mask does contain 'Snowflake Lusture' which creates an iridescent shimmer which I have to say fits perfectly into it's Christmas theme.

How do you take it off?

With regards to removing the mask, you would either need to wash your face with water or to take a warm wet towel to take the Rudolph Face Mask off.

Skin is left refreshed and silky smooth!

However, as this can get a little messy, I would strongly recommend the warm towel as it would help to gently remove the face mask much more neater and quickly without having all the access face mask break out all over the sink.

It will also assist in exfoliating and taking off all the dead skin cells of your face so you are left with brighter and fresher looking skin.


Overall I have to say that after using the Rudolph Fresh and Festive Face Mask for about 1 month now, I am definitely not disappointed with its results.

This mask can be used for all skin types, although I would have to say that it is made to better nourish skin that is left a little dry after a cold winter's night.

However as some reviews can be mixed due to it's oatmeal/minty- like texture and application, I can assure you that as you use this mask over time you will definitely see a difference that your skin is not as tight or as dry as it used to be.


Pros: Skin is left soft, cooling, moisturized and nourished .
Cons: Time Constraint of 1 month, uneven texture and uneven application.
Price: $26.50 (Sg)
Weight: 75g
Availability: Lush Singapore



  1. Oh, you have a sweetie there! When I guy travels that many miles to buy you some Lush you know you have a keeper. Lucky girl! I love Lush too. We really should petition for a Lush shop here.

    1. Have to agree that he is such a sweetheart in his own way,lol. And yeah tell me about it - I would be one of the first to sign up; really really hope they bring it to M'sia soon :)

  2. Replies
    1. It isssss!! Faster go and get some of their products and sample :)


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