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Styling for Glasses Online | Outfit of the Month

As our Malaysian weather has been getting hotter and hotter everyday (and by that I mean you can literally fry an egg on the roadside kind-of-hot), I am pretty sure that most of you are constantly in the market to look for some good quality, edgy and uber chic shades to come your way.

For me, I love playing around with styles. All those different colors, look and frames intrigue me.
However, whenever I go to a store to make a purchase, the question remains hanging. Which of these sunglasses would fit my face shape?

What type of sunglasses would fit my face shape?

As I have a round frame, I tend to lean towards a more bigger and wider cut shades. Hence, sunglasses from Marc Jacobs, Ray-Ban or even Ed Hardy would be some of my best choice as they would flatter and highlight my features at the same time.

So this time round, I will be doing a collaboration with Glasses Online as their Style Adviser to create an outfit that will be able to add some major edgy sparkle to a simple daily outfit that you would like to wear.

However before I start, let me give a brief introduction to what Glasses Online is all about.

What is Glasses Online?
Glasses Online is basically your one stop online store where you can get all your eye-wear needs.

Offering a wide selection of high quality prescription eyeglasses, frames, contact lenses and branded sunglasses for both men and women, they offer quality eye-wear and vision care at remarkably affordable prices. 

Pretty cool right? So anyway let's get down to the fashion wear.

#1 Workwear


Now since this has all got to do with sunglasses and framework, I have decided to split these #OOTD into 2 separate looks. One would be for work-wear, another would be for a casual day out.

So let's talk about the first look. As I am not the (need-to-be-dressy-every-single-time-I-go-to-work) sort of girl, I choose to believe that as long things are kept simple, you will not go wrong in your dress choices.

Enjoy warm and sunny tones for your daily work lifestyle

So keeping to that notion, accessorizing is your number one for this look. Get an edgy pair of sunglasses, some classy heels and have a splash of color on the bag that you carry.

Frames for the Win?

I got this brown toned cat eyed framed sunglasses from Fashion Forward. Simply gorgeous and extremely affordable too I must say.

The purple clutch is from Sportsgirl, skirt from Jaspal and the top is from Kitschen. As for the heels, please say hello to Sembonia! I got these at such a steal at Midvalley 2 years back and I have to say that I love them as much as the day that I first saw them.

#2 Casual Day Out

Casual Day Out; Magenta Hues

For a casual day out I opted for something a little more bright.

I simply adore magenta hues, so I went with a little splash of color on my semi galaxy reindeer sleeveless top from Zalora, a DIY clutch from ZtersCulture, rolled up jeans from Romp and strappy black high heels from Summit.

Are you a fan of Ed Hardy shades?

The edgy frames that I chose for this look is from the one and only Ed Hardy. The shades are called the Koi Fish as can be seen from the highlighted design at the side of the frames.

Definitely an all time favorite of mine too.

The Two Looks

So tell me, which out of the two looks and sunglasses do you prefer? Work-Wear or Casual? Sunny brown or edgy black? Personally I love both but I would love to hear what you girls think.

#3 Styling for Glasses Online

Guy Laroche GL684

With regards to all the hot weather that we are currently having, I decided to theme up a gorgeous purple toned 'Guy Laroche GL684' from Glasses Online together with a beautiful beach theme. Think white sands, clear blue skins and crystal waters for this look.

Retailing at only RM341 at Glasses Online, these pair of sunnies are a perfect match for a walk on the beach. I decided to pair it off with a flowly sunny hue for the top and styling it off with a turquoise blue silk high waisted shorts.

Like all simple things, accessories make an important play here so finish it off with a simple pair of sandals, a tres chic floppy hat, a coral bracelet and pouch along with a sweet tint of lip and eye color.

Looking for more interesting bargains?

If you are looking for more interesting bargains and offers from Glasses Online, do check out the links below :) Have fun!

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  1. As always, you are an ever-fabulous fashionista and your picks (clothing & sunnies) were spectacular! I'm suddenly coveting all three, especially the pair you chose for your work day since I have nothing of that sort in my collection! Love, love, love!

    1. Aww thanks hunneh! Though I am starting to think that I should fill my wardrobe with more colorful hues now haha -black, white and grey just seems to formal, lol! XD

  2. You rock both looks!I can never pull off such jelly...

    1. Awh hun I am sure you could! It's all about the type of sunnies you choose -im sure you would look fabulous! :)


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