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Otterbox's Symmetry Series-Crystal Edition for the iPhone 6/6s

Knowing your smartphone cases

I would like to take a minute here and discuss with you all about the importance of good and solid smartphone cases. Not our most regular topic of the day but hey, seeing as we are regularly kept updated with our phones on the go, quintessentially they are considered an essential in whatever that we do daily.

The condition of the tampered glass due to dropping the phone before with other smartphone casings

Admittedly at one point, there was a period where my phone stood the test of time - one on my end which was dropped way too many times till the screen screamed blank. Cracks appear all the time around the edges of the tampered glass so I wasn't worried about that but after being fully unequipped for a good week when my phone had seen the last of its days, I felt handicap and decided then to invest in a casing that I wouldn't have to worry about accidentally dropping.

About Otterbox

The Symmetry Series Crystal Edition in Mystic Crystal

Now when it comes to this particular smartphone casing brand, I knew that it was pretty big in the States. Tons of people were using it and it was known for dishing out ultra-robust series that not only kept the phones safe but also had sort of an unique style and balance that came with them. I have tried many cases before but to the letter, Otterbox was a solid one.

Side Profile - No scratches after multiple drops
Back Casing

So with that in mind, let's talk about the make of its design. I am a sucker for anything Swarovski so when I had a good look at its latest launch of the Symmetry Series-Crystal Edition for the iPhone 6/6s presented with all its glamour, I was taken with the adornment of genuine Swarovski fine rock crystals. Each sparkle truly packs a punch and here is the surprising thing - no matter how many times you drop it, the casing will not scratch, the Swarovski crystals do not fall off and the edges will not break.

Notable things for the Otterbox Symmetry Series-Crystal Edition for the iPhone 6/6s

  • Certified Drop + Protection
  • Tested through 24+ tests and 238+ hours for the:
    • Hand Lotion and Makeup Resistance Test
    • Jeans Pocket Test
    • Sweat Test

The texture of the Swarovski Crystals

It certainly forms a pretty unique standard so in terms of functionality, I can tell you guys that the casing is an absolute success hands down. With regards to stylizing, it certainly does crank things up a notch for smartphone cases as well and with its simplicity coated in shock absorbent genuine leather that is easy to put on and take off, it is certainly a winner.

From Left: Gold Sand Crystal, Midnight Crystal and Mystic Crystal

So if you are looking to invest in one, I will leave the details of the Crystal Edition casing down below but in the meantime for further details, you can check out Otterbox's Official Facebook Page for more information.

Otterbox Crystal Edition:

  • Three Shades: Gold Sand Crystal, Midnight Crystal and Mystic Crystal
  • Retail: RM599


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  1. Wow... those Otterbox Swarovski Crystal casing are to die for and with a hefty price tag too!!!!huhuhu


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