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Amino Mason Japanese Haircare & Why You Should Know About It

Taking care of my strands have always been an important aspect for me to maintain, and its partly because I color my hair quite often. Now I have always been quite particular with the kind of home-care hair products that I use daily because as most of you know, when you have color, it tends to wash out easily if you do not utilise the right products.

Amino Mason | What It Is About

Thus with that being said, let me bring your attention to Amino Mason, which is a Japanese botanical hair care brand that came to my attention sometime last month. Now this brand is quite universally branched out already and is ranked as a top-selling haircare brand in not only Japan, but both in UK and in the USA, and now with it finally being brought over to Malaysia.

In terms to its home-care products, there are two ranges to Amino Mason, one which is their Moist Care Series for dry to normal hair, and the other which is the Smooth Hair Series which is for normal to oily hair. Now my hair is pretty well balanced and not overly dry, so hence what we have here is the Smooth Hair Series consisting of their Whip Cream Shampoo  and their Fruits Cream Treatment.
Products & Verdict:

1. Amino Mason Whip Cream Shampoo | RM59.90 for 450ml: (Lemon, Rose Honey and Raspberry)

The first thing you would need to know about all Amino Mason products is that they are free of silicon, sulphate, mineral oil, artificial dyes and petroleum based surfactants. What this shampoo does however is that it makes the hair manageable, repairs damage and gives a smooth and soft finish to it. What I personally like about it though is that it has the fragrance of a peony rose bouquet, does not weigh down the hair and give a refreshing lightness to it which is quite nice. For reference, my hair is slightly longer than the standard shoulder length, so I appreciate the lightweight feel that the product gives to the strands.

2. Amino Mason Fruits Cream Treatment | RM59.90 for 450ml: (Lemon, Rose Honey & Raspberry )

As for the Smooth Fruits Cream Treatment, this product also focuses on repairing damage to the hair, smooth the strands and to overall make them more manageable. Both products have botanical and proprietary amino complex formula that heals and hydrates the hair for a smooth finish and in terms to its utilisation, this product is best used after shampoo and a small amount goes a long way for it to be massaged gently to the end of the strands.

For someone who is constantly on the lookout for good affordable products, I would have to say that Amino Mason does quite a lovely job in keeping my strands in check. Plus because its formulation does not consists of sulphates, silicon and more, I also find that it manages to maintain the strand's color pretty decently too.

As for its accessibility, the products are now exclusively available at any Guardian Malaysia stores which is great because in case you would be in need of a quick stock up, there is easy accessibility to them too. In the meantime, if you would like more details and updates on Amino Mason's Haircare Range, you can visit their Official Website, Guardian Online or check out their Facebook Page as well.

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