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Celebrity-Inspired Jewellery Trends To Consider

Celebrities begin trends and fashions that many people follow, whether with clothing or accessories like jewellery, and if you would like to know what jewellery the A- Listers are wearing this year, here are a few pointers.

  • Chunky Chains - These are seen on catwalks all over the world, with stainless-steel, sterling silver and other precious metals making for the ideal material. 2020 is very much the year of the chunky look, so dig deep into your jewellery collection to see what you have that might be suitable. Chic models are wearing chunky ankle bracelets too, especially sterling silver items, which are great accessories for beach or casual wear.

  • Statement Stud Earrings - If you would like to create your own unique design, there are loose argyle pink diamonds for sale in Sydney from a reputable jeweller who can craft the perfect pair of stud earrings, which make for the perfect evening accessory. These can highlight your evening gown, or they also work well with a smart business outfit, whether using coloured or clear stones.

  • Bib Necklaces - This year’s Golden Globes Awards saw many celebs wearing bib necklaces, and if you see any item at such an event, you can be sure it will soon catch on with the general public. This style necklace can be worn equally well with an evening gown or a halter-neck outfit, and with some stunning coloured diamonds, you are sure to be the centre of attention.

  • Scripted Love Rings - This trend began with Jennifer Lopez sporting a gorgeous scripted ‘love’ ring fashioned from yellow gold, and if you would like to design your very own scripted love ring, search online for a custom jeweller who can turn your idea into reality, and with tiny diamonds inset into the item, it will be really special. There are good articles you can find online that highlight some of the jewellery trends that celebrities are wearing this spring and summer.

  • Ring Bracelet Chain - A dual purpose jewellery item, the chain can be worn as a bracelet, with the ring on one of your fingers, and with sterling silver or rose gold, you can create something unique. Coloured diamonds can also be added, for that extra colour that would match your outfit, so talk to a custom jeweller, as he can make it happen.

  • Multi-Coloured Stones - Rihanna has been seen wearing a stunning multi- coloured stone necklace that really does light her up, and whether a bracelet or necklace, having several different colour diamonds on the same string really is a great idea. You could go from light to dark, or the other way around, or simply intermingle pinks, blues and reds for a dazzling style.

When looking at specialist jewellery, rather than looking for finished pieces, you are advised to contact a good custom jeweller - someone who can create a design that is based on your ideas. You can buy loose diamonds and the jeweller will design the item to your specifications, making it a real one-off item that will never be repeated.

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