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NESTLÉ LACTOGROW® Celebrates International Day of Happiness by its ‘GROW HAPPY’ Campaign

Alright you guys, we have some wonderful news for you! In conjunction with International Day of Happiness, NESTLÉ LACTOGROW® is currently having their 'Grow Happy' campaign!

Now the International's Day of Happiness is an important occasion because it is also the very day the World Happiness Index, which provides an overview on the current state of global happiness, is released annually. Last year, Malaysia dropped from the 35th spot to the 80th as the happiest country in the world. With that in mind, NESTLÉ LACTOGROW® is taking this opportunity to instil a positive mindset within Malaysians and remind them of the importance of growing happy – something that should begin from childhood. Through the ‘Grow Happy’ campaign, NESTLÉ LACTOGROW® aims to spread happiness from a young age and empower parents to let their children grow happy.

Now the campaign is pretty straightforward where it kicks off with a social media contest to encourage parents to submit photos to share their 'Grow Happy' moments with their children, or even memories from their own childhood. This is the main initiative to remind everyone that it is the simple things in life that can bring joy to us, regardless of age, time and environment.

So from here, the photos that are submitted to the social media contest will be compiled by NESTLÉ LACTOGROW® to form a smiley photo collage, like the one you see above. This collage will then be displayed during the upcoming 'Karnival Grow Happy' in an attempt to break the record fro the 'Biggest Smiley Portrait Collage 2020' in the Malaysia Book of Records.
Details You Need To Know:

  • It will be ongoing from the 6th of March to the 24th of April.
  • In order to stand a chance to win cash prizes, participants will need to upload a 'grow Happy' moment of them with their children or from their childhood onto the event page.
  • In the caption, they will need to share their personal definition of what 'Grow Happy' means to them, by starting with 'My Grow Happy moment is...' followed by the hashtags #LactogrowMY and #GrowHappy. Only submissions of photos with children one year old and above will be eligible for entry.  

Now the first and second place winners will be awarded RM2,888 and RM1,888 respectively, while the five consolation winners will receive RM500 each. There will also be weekly winners who will receive exclusive NESTLÉ LACTOGROW® water tumblers.

NESTLÉ LACTOGROW® is committed to support parents in raising happy children by providing the necessary nutrients for children to grow stronger and happier. The product contains L.reuteri, which promotes good gut health, aiding digestive functions and the absorption of nutrients. It is also high in calcium and DHA, as well as Happy Nutri™, which is a combination of 15 vitamins and minerals, to support optimum growth and development of the child. So do remember to participate and have fun, and here is to wishing the very best of luck to each one of you as well!

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