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Advanced Protection with AcéMD & Why You Should Know More About It

So we all know that with the recent global pandemic of Covid-19, there has been a demand surge for Hand Sanitizers, Masks, Wet Wipes and such. However, it has also come to the attention of many from the public that certain suppliers have also been increasing their revenue by marking up their price points for these products as well.

Nonetheless, many of us (if not all of us) are still looking to find cleansing products that do the job well and keep us safe at an affordable pace, so let us bring you to the attention of the brand AcéMD.

AcéMD Products & What You Need To Know About Them

So first off, let's take a look at some facts and debunk certain aspects about cleansing products; because truth to be told, we have seen a lot of myths and stories floating about them online, so let's get down to the nitty gritty of it and break it down for you.

  • Myth 1: The higher the alcohol concentration (90% and above), the better its disinfectant properties.
    • Fact: Now personally we have heard a lot of people saying this, but higher concentrations of alcohol doesn't necessarily produce desirable results for protection against bacteria, fungi and viruses. In order for cleansing products to be effective there has to be a significant enough presence of water in the mixture; and the best ratio for this is 30% water + 70% alcohol. At best, the formulas have to contain at least 60% to 70% alcohol for the best level of protection.

  • Myth 2: There is no need for a hand sanitiser at home because there is access to soap and water.
    • Fact: While hand-washing does kill germs and physically remove dirt from your hands, we have got to ask ourselves; how many times can we actually wash our hands in the space of one day?  For especially in these trying times, it is always best not to risk it, (not only for us but for our loved ones too), so do keep a bottle of hand sanitiser nearby or even within the entrance of your home so that the first thing you do when you get home (even before opening your door) is to sanitise your hands.

  • Myth 3: Alcohol-free hand sanitisers work just as effectively and are less damaging to the skin.
    • Fact: While alcohol-free products may not work on many types of germs, and instead of killing them only reduces their growth. So in the end, the effectiveness is still questionable. However if dryness is the main concern, look for alcohol-based hand sanitisers that contain moisturising ingredients.

Thus having said the above, let's discuss a little on the background of AcéMD. Now this brand is designed and formulated in the UK, plus it is manufactured and made in Korea. They are produced by Acelab Limited, whose brand portfolio also includes Acelabs skincare as well, hence with this, they have focused on this release to cover the main hygienic purposes, which of course is the 3 primaries; the travel-sized hand-sanitser, an advanced hand sanitiser and wet wipes.

Product Breakdown

Nonetheless, the product breakdown for this is fairly simple which we will be listing below, but basically their range is targeted to kill 99.9% of germs and does not contain any paragons or SLS. They are non-sticky and soothing, plus it is good to note that the formula is also anti-microbial and offers protection against bacteria, fungi and viruses as well.

  • Advanced Hand Sanitiser (70% alcohol)
    • Formulated with 10 natural, skin-friendly extracts.
    • 50ml: RM5.90 | 100ml: RM9.90 | 500ml: RM34.90

  • Limited Edition Advanced Hand Sanitiser (70% alcohol)
    • Enriched with antioxidant blend of Green Tea, Lemon and Rosemary Extracts.
    • 50ml: RM5.90 | 80ml: RM8.90

  • Advanced Wet Wipes (Alcohol-free with 87% Centella Water)
    • Suitable for all skin types- even sensitive or babies skin. Can be used to clean skin or surfaces effectively.
    • 10pc/pk: RM4.50

On overall we do hope that this information assists, so if you are ever looking for affordable cleansing products, then you could always consider this. However, we would advise to select your products wisely accordingly to your household needs; so whilst keeping that in mind, here is to staying safe and well during this period of CMCO.

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