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Budget Friendly Fashion Finds

It has definitely been awhile since we have last discussed and spoken about budget friendly finds, so today's topic is going to be covering some fashion favourites and key pieces that we have come across and taken a shine to during this MCO period.

Affordable Jewellery

So first off, let's talk about affordable jewellery. As most of you know, I often go by the policy that less is more and since I have always enjoyed ornate pieces, it is definitely good to note that the ones that I have stumbled across at Padini and Agassy have been absolutely beautiful. They mirror a lot of Korean designs; hence are super dainty with a rather classic twist. Plus they last for a really long time and you can get at least 3-5 designs for under RM100. The chunky silver rings at Corazon Latino are also a good choice if effortless glam is what you are going for.

Comfy Shape-Wear with the Perfect Fit

Ever since I have updated my wardrobe, I have also been paying closer attention to the type of shape-wear bodysuit that I would wear. I was definitely looking for something comfortable & breathable and the sculping short mid thigh was definitely one of my favourites, especially if you are looking for a good fit for a form fitting dress.

Everyday Outfit Selects

In terms of stylish selects, I have always enjoyed going over to Zalora and checking out what they have in store. They carry plenty of really great brands and they also have amazing sales from time to time so that you can get your preferred item for a good bargain when needed. A personal combo that I have enjoyed is this high-neck cami top and wide leg pants. Super flattering, inexpensive and very comfortable indeed.

Inexpensive Bags That Are Worth The Hype

Now I personally love a good functional bag and the more it can fit my personal effects, the better it is for me to carry it out and about for everyday wear. This canvas bag by luxury local brand Tasbijoux is simply perfect for that and personally it caught my eye when the founder officially announced that they would be producing it. The best part of it is that RM10 of its proceeds will go to a relief fund dedicated to relieving vulnerable communities as well during this time of need, so it's a win win both ways!

All in all you guys, we really do hope that this little column assists in terms to finding good and affordable fashion buys during this time, but in the meantime, we hope that everyone is staying safe and keeping healthy during this MCO period.


  1. I love finding cute but affordable looks! I'm a firm believer in looking and feeling good without draining the bank and I love all these suggestion!

  2. I love shopping and finding new pieces to incorporate into my style. However, budgeting is an important part of my addiction. These suggestions have been very helpful! I am really excited to try the shapewear from Skims!

  3. I'm so glad I found this article - these affordable fashion favs are super chic and stylish but don't break the bank! Great picks and a wonderful article! :)

  4. Nice outfit! Really I love it. Great pics and Amazing article.


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