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Giving A Watch: What It Means To Different People

Watches have been firmly entrenched in society for a few hundred years, and in various forms, the watch has always been a valued accessory that is both functional and attractive, and when you plan to give a special person in your life a timepiece, this can have different meanings in other cultures. Here are just a few examples of how the gift of a watch is viewed around the world.

Special Moment In Time 

Across some cultures and societies, giving a person a watch in a special moment in time, which is a device to measure time, is considered rather ironic. To others it may be endearing, as each time the recipient looks at the watch, his or her mind will reflect back to that moment when you handed the gift, putting a smile on his or her face.

A Graduation Gift 

When your son gets his degree, why not follow a trend for father graduation gifts and view the stunning selection of antique and vintage watches in a Sydney shop? If he has a penchant for antiques, you can get him a fine pocket watch from one of those online stores where antiques of all kinds can be found, and at affordable prices too. Gifting a pocket watch very much symbolises coming of age, as time is all about responsibility for an adult. It would be treasured forever by your son, as this would be something he could use throughout his life. It is also going to increase in value as time passes, and if looked after, the timepiece would always work.

Engagement Or Wedding Gift 

The ideal solution would be to buy a pair of vintage watches, one for the bride and one for the groom, and if you can find a matching pair, so much the better. If you search the online antique dealer, they would have an impressive catalogue of fine antique and vintage watches of all kinds, and a nice 1970s Rolex would certainly make a special gift, something the recipient would treasure for all of their life.  Kalmar Antiques offers a selection of vintage Rolex watches, and a pair of which can be the perfect gift for the newlyweds, who have reached such an important milestone in their life.

The Best Of Friends 

In many cultures, the gift of a luxury vintage watch is considered a symbol of a deep friendship, and if you have a special friend who you would like to be the recipient of an antique or vintage watch, check out the affordable timepieces available from the online antique dealer. As you know their style preferences, you can select something that would enhance their life in many ways, and they will never forget such a gift.

An Anniversary 

It is common for a man to buy his wife an antique watch to celebrate their union, and as you know her style, you can search the online antique dealer, where you will find the ideal timepiece that she will love. If you are approaching your diamond anniversary, what better gift than a stylish vintage watch that she can wear on those special occasions.

There are many occasions when the gift of a watch is more than suitable, and if you would like to view some luxury vintage watches, an online search is all it takes to visit the website of a leading antique dealer.

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