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How Long Will a Leather Jacket Last? It Depends on These Five Factors

Credit: Andrea Piacquadio

Leather jackets are a fashion that never goes out of style. Since leather is such a durable material, a leather jacket is a smart investment to make since it can last at least 20 to 30 years. However, they must be appropriately cared for to last that long, and that means more than just hanging them up in the closet instead of balling them up in a dresser drawer. 

Where to Find a Superior Quality Custom Leather Jacket 

Credit: Andrea Piacquadio

Finding a reliable online retailer is the best move for contact-free shopping if you’re looking for custom leather goods. Leather jackets offer a modern, personal touch to your wardrobe, and one of the latest trends in 2021 is designing a custom leather jacket with a colourful gemstone accent. 

Look for a company that only offers ethically sourced leather of superior quality and handmade garments. The best designers can transform the leather into unique, wearable art that makes a bold statement. A quality leather jacket will last upwards of 30 years if taken care of properly, but its lifespan also depends on these five factors. 

Credit: Maria Orlova

These Five Factors Determine How Long Your Leather Jacket Will Last: 

1. The type of leather 

Leather jackets can be made of cowhide, lambskin, deerskin, calfskin, or goatskin. Cowhide is the thickest and most durable, so it makes excellent outerwear. Lambskin and calfskin are pricier, but they are by far the softest and most supple leather. They are the highest-quality leather, but calfskin usually lasts longer than lambskin because it’s slightly thicker. 

2. How often you wear it 

If you’re wearing your jacket every single day, the chances are that it will start to crack and fade sooner than if you only use it for special occasions. If you don’t wear it every day, make sure you store it correctly to make it last even longer. Always hang it up with a plastic or wooden hanger in a cool, dark place.

3. The quality of the leather 

The quality of the leather jacket you purchase also affects how long it lasts. Cowhide is the most common, but you want to find a good quality piece of leather that doesn’t feel rough or stiff. Study the leather to see if it’s full grain or top grain,  look at the quality of the topstitching, and make sure the lining is layered and made of insulating material instead of cheap synthetic. 

4. Take special care of your jacket 

To properly care for your jacket, use a leather conditioner, baby oil, or petroleum jelly and spend some time rubbing it in. Do not expose it to high heat, which can crack the leather. Avoid water if possible, but if it does get wet, let it dry naturally. 

5. Regular cleaning 

If you want your leather jacket to last a few decades and still look great, regular cleaning is a must. Using a soft-bristled brush or a cloth, gently wipe the outer layer. Your jacket should never go in the washing machine, which can cause permanent damage. It’s best to bring it to a professional dry cleaner with experience taking care of leather. 

Make Your Leather Jacket Last  

Credit: Daria Shevtsova

Leather jackets have remained steadily popular over the years and are beautiful additions to any wardrobe. Look for a coat handmade with high-quality leather, add leather conditioner regularly to keep it soft, smooth, and free of cracks, and get it professionally dry cleaned. When you’re not wearing it, hang it up to avoid wrinkles during storage. Give your leather jacket the proper love and care and it will last for years.

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